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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

7 Free Augmented Reality Home Decor Apps

7 Free Augmented Reality Home Decor Apps

Moving, decorating and renovating are all major life experiences. Making correct design choices can make or break the experience. Augmented reality technology like ARKit and ARCore have made setting practical expectations a cinch — empowering decorators to see what their design choices look like in real time, virtually. echo3D is a content delivery network that can support the backend of these apps and host their 3D assets while managing all the assets in one place.

Decorate away!

Click on this link or scan this QR code to see furniture in 3D!’s app uses ARKit to provide accurate 3D furnishing placements, accurately gauging measurements and fitting decor choices automatically. This makes the eCommerce and design process better by letting viewers make confident choices or to explore options they’d never initially consider. Users can easily access the “In-Home Preview” feature through the app and see 3D inventory in different finishes. A unique feature about this app is that users can interact with the 3D models like turn on faucets, flip on lights and open drawers.

There’s nothing worse than guessing measurements when decorating, ordering the wrong size and having to make a bulky return. Good thing apps like PLNAR exist! This app captures dimensions of an indoor space easily. It’s a great tool for DIYers and professionals alike. This tool is even a favorite among insurance claim personnel. The app doesn’t require any industry credentials to use– just download it and start measuring your space. The app generates a detailed AR floor plan and report that can be exported and shared as needed.

Despite Wayfair’s excellent customer service, returns for non-faulty items are still paid for by the customer. Not fitting or matching does unfortunately not warrant free return shipping. In order to lower the risk for customers (and increase sales of course), Wayfair created an AR feature in their app. You can “see” new furniture in your space before committing and the dimensions are true to scale. Users have the opportunity to discover simulated furnishings within their tens of thousands of inventory. This is a fun tool to help get inspiration for what specific items would look like in a space, whether you’re looking for a new accent chair or a whole dining room set. When you love what you bought, there’s no reason for a return!

With Amazon being one of the largest online retailers, it makes perfect sense they would offer an AR shopping experience. Their AR tool lets you see thousands of pieces of furniture and other home decor in the space before buying. This app allows users to see multiple items at scale at the same time. Users can also save photos of the scene to use the feature remotely and save different combinations of items. The room layouts can be saved for later and users can pick up where they left off when they’re ready to buy. Users can access this feature by using the Amazon shopping app and enrolled products will have a “View In Your Room” feature. Amazon will send users a link of the saved item as well as save them in the “Your Room” section in their Amazon accounts.

Rugs don’t seem like a big deal until you get the wrong size and color. Rugs are notoriously difficult to ship back, especially once they are already unpacked. Inhaabit makes it easy to preview a rug in your 3D space before committing to a purchase. Many decorates tend to start with pieces such as rugs because they have to match all the other elements in the room so there’s much less room for error when picking out a rug.

The Ikea Place App lets you virtually ‘place’ furniture and otherh ome decor in a space. Whether it’s a storage container, couch or lamp, all of the products in Ikea’s Place app are 3D and true to scale so you can be sure that what you see is what you are going to get. This helps visual people simulate what their spaces would look like with Ikea’s products.

7. Anwis

Anwis, a European company, offers augmented reality blinds and curtains. This is another high-labor/high-cost home decor choice that requires a lot of foresight. The AR app, called Anwis Home, lets users place one of their products on a scanned window to see if it will go with the rest of the room. You’re able to change materials, finishes, lengths and textures. Seeing the blinds in your 3D space can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room.

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