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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Apple has a key advantage over Meta in augmented reality | AppleInsider

Apple has a key advantage over Meta in augmented reality | AppleInsider

Sources say Meta has been trying to build devices that could pair with AR glasses, such as a smartphone-shaped device that could control the glasses or give them computing power. But the downside is requiring people to carry an extra device in their pocket in addition to the smartphone that they likely already have.

Considering all the failed efforts and dead ends, Meta has gone down in their VR effort I don’t really get why A) people said they were in the lead, and B )why the departure of Carmack prompted the earlier article about how their efforts were “doomed”. It strikes me more that he left BECAUSE they were going nowhere fast and wasting a lot of money in the process. Seems that Meta leads in hype and press releases, but other companies, Apple, MS, others, are doing the hard work to make it work.

Oh brother. Meta just doesn’t have the know-how-hardware/software experience like the rest. Even MS does have both but failed miserably on their portable devices. Meta has a long way to go. I think they need to focus on Oculus VR that they own and make it better…… for the gamer niche. And leave AR for Apple.

I don’t see the traditional ecosystem situation as being a problem at all. Especially as both Apple and Google will be coming under pressure to release their grips on precisely this kind of issue.

Meta would only need to use for example IoT/FTTR/5G to begin resolving the issues that hinder a good XR experience (size, weight, battery etc). I really like the idea of ceiling mounted, simultaneous laser charging for use in the home which is one particular wireless charging option that might not be too far off. 

At some point, things should be able to converge back ‘on-device’ once technology makes it feasible. 

Pricing is going to be the biggest hurdle for everyone, Apple included but content is also key and that requires partners. Not really a problem for anyone as long as open standards are used. 

Rumours point to an expensive niche product from Apple, well away from where Meta is swimming right now. 

I don’t think the technology is there yet for AR.  For me, it needs to have all day battery life, be comfortable/non cumbersome to wear, and to not look like absolute garbage.  So far, I haven’t seen a single device that accomplishes any of this, let alone all 3.  And even then, I haven’t seen an AR interface that is intuitive and useful enough to make it worth wearing them.  I do believe we will eventually get to a point where AR is useful outside of industrial applications, but I don’t think the technology is there yet as far as battery life, displays and general interfaces go.

I am cautiously optimistic that Apple will come up with something, but I feel like you would almost need an Apple watch or a similar device to interface with the UI, unless you want to be constantly reaching up to your temples or pulling out your iPhone.  

The way my eyesight is going, I’m going to need to use AR to highlight the cameras other people are wearing. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out how to set up an interference field that disables those enemy devices within a defined area without also microwaving organic material. Might be worth investigating some sort of protocol that can communicate “I don’t give permission to be recorded” and legislation to mandate implementation.

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