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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Emerging Trends – The Outcome of Augmented Reality Applications in the E-Commerce Segment

Emerging Trends – The Outcome of Augmented Reality Applications in the E-Commerce Segment

The rapid advancement of digital technology has completely changed the manner of online shopping. Retailers are adopting new technologies like augmented reality (AR) to provide a near-life-like experience that enhances customer satisfaction. AR gives them a cutting edge in competition. The increase of worldwide mobile AR users from 500 million in 2020 to 810 million in 2021 bears testimony to the rapidly increasing popularity of the fantastic technology. As per estimates, by the end of 2022, there will likely be 1.1 billion AR users on mobile devices.

Augmented Reality – Spurred by the Pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic induced massive closure of physical stores soured online shopping. It was instead a necessity then. Retailers realized that innovation was critical for business survival. They felt that providing a superior online shopping experience that imitated in-store shopping could draw large crowds to the websites and e-commerce platforms. They started exploring what augmented reality is and how to implement the technology into their business models. The urge to avail of the benefits of augmented reality for retail businesses created a new trend. It resulted in heavy investments in the AR space, especially by tech companies that refined the technology to suit the business needs.

Live Stream Shopping will Increase.

Live stream shopping, a mixture of a video stream, group chat, and variety show, is already trendy in China and fast spreading worldwide. Big brands increasingly use e-commerce apps and social media like Instagram Live and Amazon Live to sell their products and services. The augmented reality companies are helping to popularize the technology among retailers who want to derive mileage from it.

Metaverse and NFTs

Like a cozy digital blanket that forms a layer over the real world, the Metaverse has become the new way of enjoying life in a digital space. The day is not far when Metaverse-friendly mobile apps and glasses will help us inhabit a virtual space like an avatar. Projecting our hologram images in the spaces whenever and wherever necessary could substitute our physical presence. NFTs would be the new currency of transactions in the Metaverse space. These augmented reality benefits would completely change the face of e-commerce.

Smaller E-commerce Platforms are Adapting AR.

Shopify is aggressively pursuing AR adoption to expand its business by making the technology universal and accessible to small businesses. Not only the e-commerce heavyweights like Amazon and Walmart using AR, but even the smaller e-commerce self-serviced platforms like Shopify are also ready to use AR. They can create product previews that look real by using AR.

Rise of Phygital Retail Experience

Simulating the experience of shopping in a physical store within the digital space by using has become a trend known as Phygital. The novel shopping experience bridges the gap between physical and online shopping.

3D Search Results

More and more brands are embracing 3D search results that could give shoppers a better opportunity of evaluating the product by taking advantage of augmented reality,

The importance of AR is only going to grow with time among retailers.

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