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ImmutableX Launches Comprehensive Passport System for Web3 Gaming Onboarding - Play To Earn Games

ImmutableX Launches Comprehensive Passport System for Web3 Gaming Onboarding – Play To Earn Games

Launching in April 2023, the tool will serve as a non-custodial wallet, gamer profile, and authentication solution for Web3 gamers. The Ethereum scaling solution, ImmutableX, is launching the Immutable Passport – a one-stop solution for gaming studios to onboard gamers into Web3. The Immutable Passport is a non-custodial solution that acts as a wallet, gamer profile, and authentication. It is similar to Xbox Gamertag or Apple ID, without requiring passwords for sign-on. This means that Immutable does not keep the user’s private keys and does not participate in transaction signing.

“Customer research conducted by the ImmutableX team found that ease of onboarding, security, compliance and plug and play features were the top priorities for development studios integrating Web3 components into their game,” Immutable said.

The Immutable Passport is a wallet and authentication tool designed to make gaming onboarding simpler. It will achieve it through password-free sign-on and automatic wallet creation. Passport offers a non-custodial solution that never retains the user’s private keys or participates in transaction signing. This allows game studios to increase adoption among mainstream audiences, maintain high-level security, and gain valuable player analytics. Players are provided with a secure digital wallet, anti-fraud protection, and smooth authentication across web3 games and marketplaces. The Immutable Passport also allows gamers to create and secure their personal online identities that work across web3 platforms.

With the Immutable Passport, players can access a range of integrated tools such as a secure digital wallet, anti-fraud protection, and smooth authentication for Web3 games and marketplaces. The Immutable Passport will give game studios and developers access to vital information. Such as customer behavior insights and player preferences. Furthermore, studios that integrate with Passport will have access to a large pool of active players within the ImmutableX ecosystem. Additionally, partners will receive immediate access to a strong web3 ecosystem of tools, APIs, and infrastructure solutions that support global growth.

In addition to facilitating the smooth migration of ImmutableX-compatible in-game assets, the Immutable Passport provides numerous benefits. Its player-friendly features to make web3 onboarding as effortless and seamless as possible. Such as gamer profiles, early access to game features, user-defined limits, and more. With the “Guardian” security framework, which Immutable plans to launch post-launch, users will have access to all necessary tools. It will secure profiles and digital assets, including 2FA approvals, a child lock system, and even private key recovery in case of loss.

Web3 Gaming Revolutionized by Immutable’s Passport System

According to Immutable, the Immutable Passport will aid Web3 gaming studios in “attracting mainstream audiences, ensuring top-notch security, and gaining valuable player insights.” Additionally, studios integrating the Passport will have access to an existing player base in the ImmutableX ecosystem.”

“For Web3 gaming to reach a billion players, onboarding must be invisible, secure and work across any game – mobile, console or desktop,” said Immutable’s Robbie Ferguson. “Passport is a self-custodial wallet, where users can sign in with just an email and one-time password – it will be a game changer for players and radically reduce user acquisition costs.”

The blockchain gaming industry has seen progress lately. Big companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix incorporate cryptocurrency and NFTs to generate new income for creators. The growth and investment in Web3 gaming have been substantial as well. According to a report by DappRadar, $748 million was collected in August 2022 for the development of Web3 games.

About Immutable

Immutable is driving the advancement of web3 games through ImmutableX. It is a leading platform for creating and expanding mainstream-ready web3 games on Ethereum.

Moreover, it offers a comprehensive solution for constructing, launching and enhancing web3 games on Ethereum. It creates unlimited assets at no cost, offers seamless gaming experiences, and maximizes the demand for your assets, all supported by a secure product and marketplace ecosystem.

Currently, numerous top-notch web3 games are built on ImmutableX. Some of the games are Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest, and more.

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