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Move to Earn App Development | Move to Earn NFT, Crypto, Tokens

Move to Earn App Development | Move to Earn NFT, Crypto, Tokens

The world is moving forward with the development of many advanced technologies and now the world is going to witness the most awaited techs of the recent tech, the web3 development. These web3 are now being incorporated into various lifestyle apps and fitness apps which attracts the users and helps the users to connect with the virtual environment where the future will be dependent on the virtual environment and virtual economy. 

Move to Earn app is one of the web3 lifestyle apps where it connects the activity of the user with the web3 platform and the users are rewarded for completing the activities. These recent apps are attracting many young users and these are the first kind of apps that are going to drive the traffic to the virtual world. But many have the point of how these apps are developed and work with the web3 concept, so here is what you need. Get your ideas with the move to earn a web3 app and make your entry into the web3 world by launching your platform.

Move to Earn App

Move-to-earn apps of the recent days are developed over a blockchain network which results in bringing the users to experience the virtual environment, as well as the platform tokens are circulated and it gets its popularity. These move-to-earn apps reward their users for their in-app activity and other outdoor activities like running, walking, and jogging. These activities are tracked with the GPS using the mobiles.

The move-to-earn apps are developed with various app activities and different reward systems with respect to the project and the business requirement. The present move-to-earn apps are designed to provide rewards with tokens and cryptos which can be used for the further levels in the app or else can be used for trading of NFTs. The activity depends upon the structure of the business model which varies from each other move-to-earn apps but the main theme lies in rewarding the users for their running or walking.

Move to Earn App Development

The move-to-earn apps incorporated with web3 are developed over any of the trending blockchain networks to improve their platform ecosystem that attracts crypto users. Each platform is developed with various visions of clients from all over the world but all fall under one roof of move-to-earn. 

Maticz is a leading move to earn app development company offering end-to-end software services and solutions to launch a blockchain-based app for a move to earn cryptos, move to earn NFTs, move to earn tokens, etc. Our developers are pioneers in developing Web3-based move-to-earn apps that enables the platform users to earn cryptos, tokens, NFT, etc.

Move-to-earn app development is carried out with a series of workflows from designing and developing core functionalities to testing the platform on the testnet. But more than this the app is developed by the professionals in any of the following two ways.

Move to Earn App Development from Scratch

The certified blockchain experts work from the release of the white paper till the launch of apps in the global market. The development of the app from scratch showcases the app with its unique features and functionalities from any other move-to-earn apps.

White Label Solutions

The White label move-to-earn solution provides 100% customization of the script of the platform and is launched in the global market with all the needed modifications. Using of white label solution lets you launch the app within a minimum time period and development cost.

Revenue Generating Modules of Move to Earn App

As the title suggests it’s a move-to-earn app where the users will be rewarded for their activities like running, walking, and jogging. Each app is designed with various concepts in rewarding the users with various in-app activities and the activities are designed to attract a wide range of young audiences.

Move to Earn NFT

The Move to Earn NFT platform is designed to offer NFTs with respect to the staking of their tokens and as long as they participate in the events and daily in-app activities and outdoor activities. These NFTs can be used by the user for further participation in the upcoming levels.

The Move to Earn NFT development enables you to launch a move-to-earn app that lets your users earn NFTs with respect to the staking of their tokens.

Move to Earn Crypto

Move to earn crypto is a hot talk of the town, through which the move to earn app users make earning a certain amount of cryptos for their continuous activity with the app. The users get all these rewards only after completing the activities of the app within the guidelines mentioned in this blockchain-based web3 app.

Maticz is the pro-player in the move to earn crypto development with certified blockchain developers who can develop move to earn app that lets users earn cryptos as rewards. Get top-rated move-to-earn crypto development services from Maticz to create your own move-to-earn app at ease. 

Move to Earn Tokens

The users are rewarded in tokens where the app promotes their own token by improving the circulations. Also, these tokens can be used for various trading activities in the app for the improvement of the app profile and further level improvement.

Exclusive move to earn token development services to launch a hassle-free blockchain-based move to earn app that lets your platform users earn tokens as rewards.

Features of the Move to Earn app

The move-to-earn app has its own unique set of features that benefits the users in various ways. Here are some rich features that benefit the users.

Move-to-Earn Rewards

The overall feature of the app is the reward system which rewards the users for their in-app activities and other moving activities with cryptos, NFTs, or tokens which is the greatest benefit for the users using the app.

Most of the platform’s vision is to maintain the fitness of the people, work on carbon neutrality, and also target to bring the users to the web3 world along with the vision of promoting the move-to-earn ecosystem.


Game-Fi is the new concept from web 3 which offers incentives to the users of a platform developed over a blockchain network as the app has in-app activities which may also bring up the concept of Game-Fi with it.


Social-Fi will be connecting the users with the decentralized system and this is where the users will be able to manage all their activity and creations in the web3 apps which results in attracting a large amount of young generation audience.

Why Create Move to Earn App?

At every stage, a business has to be adapted to the trending techs to compete with the race and stand in the field for decades and now it’s time for blockchain and web3 tech to take over the place of the previous techs. And the trending app based on the web3 lifestyle is mover-to-earn at present which is mostly loved by many young users and it attracts many users to use the app.

Not just move-to-earn there are other apps developed in the global market with the concept of play-to-earn, sleep-to-earn, and more that are doing their best in the virtual space. Cryptopreneurs it’s the right time to give a boost to your business empire with the web3 lifestyle platform which attracts the users to the web3 world and would benefit in taking your crypto business to nest standard.

Why choose Maticz for Move to Earn app development?

Maticz is the leading web3 development company that offers various blockchain-based platform development to clients all over the globe. The certified blockchain experts of Maticz have successfully developed over 100+ platforms for clients all over the globe. The professionals of Maticz will present you with the most peculiar move-to-earn app with all the unique set of features and functions.

Maticz works with the web3 tech in bringing out the best outcomes of the blockchain field by developing and launching various platforms and apps that attracts users to the web3 world. The continuous process of the professionals of Maticz will get your platform at its best in the field, just get your idea to the team and get relaxed our experts will develop the best product and launch it to the global market.

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