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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

New NFT Game - MetaSpets will rise to offer players real values and benefits even while the market is in a bad shape.

New NFT Game – MetaSpets will rise to offer players real values and benefits even while the market is in a bad shape.

Mr. Tom Bui, who has a lot of experience in the field of the game industry and joined the NFT game market from the early days, optimistically commented: “This is a golden opportunity to rebuild the communities’ credibility and retain investors”. To do that, MetaSpets team doesn’t make false promises but focuses on building quality gameplay, anti-inflation measures in order to maintain the longevity of the game and ensure the good values for users.

About MetaSpets

MetaSpets is a Turn-based Idle RPG that takes place in a magical post-apocalyptic. As the last surviving humans, the player will meet wondrous sentient pets who can become his companions and guardians, and together venture into the fantastical world. The game was built by a competent team with more than 9 years of experience in technology, entertainment, and finance.

Talking about the inspiration for MetaSpets, the Wise Balance team expressed: “The COVID 19 pandemic has changed everyone’s daily routine. We started to stay at home more, spent more time on our phones or computers, and also looked for opportunities to increase income through the Internet. MetaSpets is set up to bring a new experience to Game-Fi users, especially in taking care of pets, as well as developing the player’s interaction and their NFTs, thereby opening up chances to earn additional income from in-game activities.

MetaSpets has joined the NFT market when the Game-Fi trend is going to suffer a slight downtrend with so many projects entering the market, but just a few of them show a great sense of attractiveness and retentiveness to investors. Wise Balance understands the current problems very clearly and focuses full energy on creating a high-quality game with a balanced economy with a natural Burn Mechanism that can bring longevity to MetaSpets’s communities.

While MetaSpets’s gameplay is easy on the surface, as players explore deeper, they will find an intricate RPG system with countering factions and classes. There is also pet care that focuses on interactions between players and their pet companions with fun activities and feeding. Pet care helps increase pets’ stats so they can fight more effectively, win more, and earn more.

MetaSpets offers 40+unique Super Pets at launch and more will come later after the official release. Each pet is a real companion of each player because they can express emotions of joy, sadness, anger, irritation… With MetaSpets, NFTs are no longer still or emotionless images. The pets bring spiritual value personified with a variety of nuances and expressions. 

Focusing on user experience and long-term orientation will be the key to success for MetaSpets.

In addition, in order to build a long-term product, the team pays special attention to stability. Core team members have previous experiences in the field of games and blockchain technology. Hence, MetaSpets has built for itself a solid defense against external attacks, ensuring security for players. The backend dev team with more than 7 years of experience with a strong server system can easily handle a large number of users.

Tokenomics is the next key factor that determines the success or failure of a Game-Fi project. Understanding this issue, the MetaSpets team is also taking thorough research steps from previous experiences to create a reasonable earning and vesting mechanism, creating opportunities for players to make a steady profits, without losing the tokens’ value.

MetaSpets’s tokenomics is also very well-planned. Even in the unfavorable time of the market, the chart is still standing strong. It was created for the benefits of the community and not for big venture capital. With each new engaging and fun features to be released at each milestone, the MSP token will reach new heights every time. 

The MetaSpets team has worked tirelessly and developed a very detailed and specific plan to fight against token and NFT inflation at the most optimal level, ensuring long-term values for the assets that players hold in the game. A stable economy must encourage a natural cycle of production, trade, and consumption. Many people have begun to have trust in MetaSpets after trying the Alpha before IDO and Testnet before the release date (May 20th, 2022).

Giving trust instead of chasing after profits

One of the biggest problems of Game-Fi today is the appearance of “fine allusion” projects. Instead of focusing on the game’s intrinsic value of “Play”, these projects trap the community by marketing tricks without having a well-rounded product. As a result, the MetaSpets team spent their own money, effort, and time creating a demo before fundraising and an Alpha before IDO to prove their product capability. They have gotten great feedback from the community.

MetaSpets will be released on May 20th, 2022. Wise Balance is always aware of the problems that have existed in the game-fi market, and the team wants to bring feasible solutions and benefits to the community. With a different path along with the careful and dedicated investment from the game team, MetaSpets promises to stir up the dull Game-Fi space and reach the further goals of becoming the new unicorn in the blockchain and crypto industry.


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