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Redesign The Future Of Learning With Augmented Reality | Zazz

Redesign The Future Of Learning With Augmented Reality | Zazz

Science and technology have transformed the world around, and have also successfully blanketed the mammoth education system. 

Augmented reality is the new doorway to modern learning and its scope is expected to magnify manifolds in the next few years. It is estimated that there would be around 2.4 billion augmented reality mobile users all over the world.

Augmented Reality is scrupulously redesigning and replacing conventional age-old learning with an avant-garde approach. Also, AR is a lot more appealing and riveting as compared to the erstwhile teaching pedagogy that was rather arduous for students to comprehend. The use of augmented reality in education, especially via apps, also helps students memorize and understand all the cardinal concepts. 

If you are keen on exploring the ar/VR in the education realm, then this blog is sure going to assist you. Herein we have talked about the crucial and rather indispensable role of augmented reality in education, and how augmented reality in higher education is the catalyst to fine learning. So do give this detailed blog a read. 

How Does Augmented Reality Work In The Education Sector? 

AR/VR in education acts as the pedestal that supports an interactive and responsive learning experience. Augmented Reality in education makes all the otherwise baffling topics a lot easier by furnishing visually appealing 3-dimensional models. This thus helps students grasp the concept in a much more efficient manner. 

Also, AR beautifully blends the objects with the information in the same environment and this, in turn, provides an engaging learning experience to the students. 

Furthermore, it is extremely difficult for medical students to comprehend all the labyrinth concepts such as the pulmonary systems, kidney structure and the neural pathways in the brain and this is exactly where AR comes to their rescue. Augmented Reality in higher education makes it easier for medical students to understand all the complex topics a lot more realistically and easily with visually appealing 3-dimensional models. Students are thus delighted to use augmented reality in education as it has completely transformed their learning experience, which is now a jovial one by virtue of the puissant AR.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Educational Business –

AR now holds an indispensable position in the education industry. Mentioned below are some major advantages of augmented reality in education.

1. Furnishes an Enhanced Learning Experience

Augmented reality in education renders a stupendous learning experience to students and keeps them engrossed in their otherwise onerous classes. Also, there’s no denying the fact that computerized augmented reality modules would soon be used in place of the erstwhile hard paper learning. AR technology would thus successfully replace all the previously used physical posters, brochures, textbooks and more.

2. Excellent Content Creation and Quality Improvement

AR technology assists users to create extremely mesmerizing, high-quality content that instantly catches the eye of all learners. It makes use of special-purpose 3D programs for developing excellent digital content that meticulously amalgamates the real and virtual environment for users. Apps such as Quiver scrupulously scan all the images to render a fine AR experience. The AR application thus ameliorates the entire learning experience by transforming all unexciting images into visually appealing 3-D models.

AR technology helps generate excellent 3D content and it also consistently improves the content to make it a lot more scalable for all users alike.

3. Three-Dimensional Learning Model

AR is really handy and it is a great tool for teachers who wish to make their class an engaging one. Augmented reality in classrooms is truly the need of the hour and it can also be easily implemented in the mobile apps via which students may access their learning modules. Also, students can witness an of its kind digital world that is carefully blended with the real world wherein users can access exceptionally wonderful three-dimensional models just by simply turning on their smartphones cameras. AR in education makes learning an all-new and absolutely different experience for students. 

Herein we would like to mention that Zazz, a mobile application development company 

provides the most outstanding AR app development services. Our developers create absolutely stellar AR apps that would sure pull your users on the edge of their seats. Also, our AR apps for educational purposes are a must-have tool in case you wish to render brilliance to your institute and impart holistic education to your students. 

4. Simplicity is the Real Beauty, and Complexity is Rather Chaotic

The aforementioned quote is completely justified when it comes to the implementation of augmented reality in higher education. As we all know, augmented reality in education streamlines the entire labyrinth learning process and makes studies a lot more delightful and interactive for students. Augmented reality in higher education is thus extremely helpful for both students and teachers alike as it assists them to manage and control their entire learning experience. For example – The CoSpaces Edu app allows users to create absolutely brilliant 3D objects, and animate those with code while also holding creations via the MERGE Cube. 

5. No Additional Requirement To Use Any Special Equipment

If we speak about VR technology, then headsets and gloves are a mandatory compulsion for users who wish to interact in the virtual environment. However, AR technology doesn’t need any such distinct equipment. The users just need a smartphone for witnessing the magical world of AR. 

Now let us succinctly discuss the major reasons why you must opt for augmented reality in education. 

5 Crucial Reasons Why You Must Opt For AR in Education

• Absolutely Outstanding Learning Experience

Educators are preferring augmented reality in classrooms as it is a tool that unlocks all doors to fine learning. Augmented reality in education provides an excellent learning experience. It is important to note that the biggest hindrance that a teacher encounters is to keep her students engrossed and attentive in the class, and this is where AR comes into the picture. Augmented reality in higher education renders a mesmerizing learning experience that is absolutely delightful for students. So just in case, you are aiming to integrate augmented reality in your classrooms, then we could assist you with that. Ours is an eminent education app development company and we make incredibly wonderful apps that could help you impart sublime and unparalleled education to your pupils.

• Better Outlook of Students

It is pertinent to mention that about 97% of students prefer studying in classes that integrate AR/VR technologies in education as it helps students imbibe the concept effectively. Also, the unprecedented Covid has given education an all-new virtual dimension wherein students need to compulsorily study from the four walls of their house. This is thus a very beneficial time for all the ed-tech investors as they could integrate AR/VR in education and these powerful technologies would undoubtedly change the future of education.

• Augments Investment Opportunity for Investors

It is anticipated that AR would magnify at a CAGR of around 46% from the year 2019 to 2024. Also, all the well to do companies such as Google, Intel, Facebook, Comcast Ventures and Samsung have made huge investments in the augmented reality business. 

• AR is the Future Face of Distance Learning 

Augmented reality in education has successfully expunged all barriers and has made it possible for students to learn from almost any place possible. Learning has become a lot more engaging and interactive for students, just via the smart use of AR/VR technologies in education. AR is thus considered the future face of all distance learning. Also, it is interesting to note that a language learning app namely Mondly offers AR-based virtual teachers for teaching the curriculum to its students. Augmented reality in education thus minimizes the gap between real and virtual learning.

• Application of AR in Imparting Health Care Education

It is extremely crucial for medical students to stay attentive during their classes because any small mistake thereafter can cause havoc in their professional lives, and can also put their patients’ lives in great danger. AR, VR and MR technologies are of immense help, especially for medical students as it assists them with their learning. Also, there are some extremely complex medical subjects that are really hard to explain such as surgical simulation, neurological rehabilitation, telemedicine and psychotherapy. AR/VR in medical education can thus be of great help and these technologies can aid students to get a clear understanding of all the otherwise baffling medical concepts. 

So after going through all these brilliant advantages that AR renders, in case you too are keen on getting your very own AR app, then you can definitely count on us. We promise to make the finest AR app that would not only aid your students but would also expand your outreach and help grow your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What are the major perks of augmented reality in higher education?

Augmented reality offers a plethora of benefits in higher education such as it keeps students engrossed in their studies, thereby enhancing their learning experience, making it an interactive and a jovial one.

Q2.How is AR beneficial for job training?

AR helps in job training as it offers :Greater engagement,Maintains complete safety,Helps cut down costs and save money

Q3.How long do you take for AR app development?

Well there’s no such fixed time period that we could mention for our app development process. We would primarily like to understand your distinct requirement and the complexity involved, and only post that, should we be able to give you a tentative time frame. We request you to please get in touch with our expert developers for a detailed call.


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