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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

The best augmented reality games for Android in 2022

The best augmented reality games for Android in 2022

Augmented reality (AR) games connect the real world with the virtual one. They use the camera and GPS to incorporate real-world elements into gameplay. As a result, they also benefit from a powerful Android smartphone.

Some combine worlds better than others, so we’ve compiled a list of the best augmented reality games on the Google Play Store, not to be confused with the best AR games and apps that focus on the wonderful art of photography. All the games on this list are free-to-play, but some do offer premium features.


1. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds needs no introduction; it’s one of the most popular mobile games of its day. Isle of Pigs follows the basic principles of its predecessors: launch birds at various constructions, destroy them, and earn points to progress. Angry Birds AR sets up levels in your living room, and they become progressively more difficult, with sturdier constructions and well-hidden boxes of TNT.

At the start of each level, a kamikaze bird sits in a slingshot. Swipe down and hold the finger on your screen to pull on it. Aim by moving your device and release to hurl the bird at one of the constructions. Hitting structurally integral parts often leads to the entire construction collapsing — along with everything that’s on it, of course. It takes quite a bit of skill to reach the highest score on each level.

2. Cosmic Frontline AR

Much like Angry Birds AR, Cosmic Frontline AR takes advantage of your living space to construct its levels. It revolves around building your spaceship fleet to take control over other planets. Choose your planet, and then select a nearby planet to send your troops.

Ships will battle it out automatically and subsequently take the planet under your control. Once you take control of all available planets, you win and move on to the next level. Though challenging at times, Cosmic Frontline AR is more of a relaxing experience. It requires little input from you and has a relaxing vibe that makes you feel like you’re in space.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s AR

Yet another name that speaks for itself. Based on the popular horror IP, Five Nights at Freddy’s AR signs you up to 999 years of unsolicited deliveries. Even worse, they’re conducted by creepy malfunctioning animatronics looking to scare the living daylights out of you.

Every level starts with a delivery. The doorbell rings, and you must scan the room for the intruder. Move your device to locate signs of static: that’s where the intruder will appear. When the animatronic decides to make its move, tap on the screen to electrocute them. Accumulate points for completing levels and purchase special abilities to use against stronger enemies.

4. Jurassic World AR

No, unfortunately, you can’t play as Chris Pratt. But you can let his character, Owen, fill you in on the game’s basics. If you’ve played Pokémon GO, you’ll feel right at home. Jurassic World Alive uses Google Maps to populate your local area with prehistoric predators. Instead of cute little creatures, you explore a map to find dinosaurs.

In Jurassic World Alive, you’ll build a collection of dinosaurs and complete events by pitting them against other dinosaurs. By collecting experience points, you’ll improve their abilities and evolve each into a more powerful version. Partake in limited-time events and utilize their unique abilities wisely to overcome tougher challenges.

5. Pikmin Bloom

With 2021’s Pikmin Bloom, Niantic has knocked it out of the park once again. Based on the popular Nintendo IP, Pikmin Bloom puts you in charge of finding and growing an army of cute little creatures known as Pikmin. Collect and plant seedlings to start growing a Pikmin.

Just like hatching Pokémon eggs in Pokémon GO, walking in Pikmin Bloom grows the seedlings. Not only that, but every step creates a vibrant trail of flowers to show you the progress you’ve made. Once your seedlings turn into full-fledged Pikmin, take them to battle against giant mushrooms or complete various challenges.

6. Pokémon GO

No AR list worth its salt would be complete without Pokémon GO. This game single-handedly popularized the AR genre and unlocked its full potential. Pokémon GO turns you into an actual Pokémon trainer. Create your personalized avatar and set out into the real world to locate and catch over 500 Pokémon.

Vibrant and packed with content, Pokémon Go incentivizes you to go out and explore. You can challenge other players, or even your best friends, to a battle. On top of being a great AR game, it makes interacting with people and enjoying the outdoors, you know, enjoyable.

7. The Walking Dead: Our World

Delve into the perilous world of The Walking Dead. Our World incentivizes you to move around and explore by populating your local map with various events. Clear areas of zombies and amass an arsenal of new firearms. Assault rifles work great against beefier zombies, while shotguns perform well as crowd-control tools. Combat is simple, but seeing a zombie’s head explode into bloody fireworks is satisfying.

Completing levels rewards you with packs that contain new weapons, resources, and characters to assist you in battles. Speaking of which, Our World features pivotal characters from the series, including Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Michonne Hawthorne.

8. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer also takes cues from the Pokémon GO formula. That said, Monster Slayer replaces the cutesy Pokémon with creatures from its own fictional world. Expect a similar vibe to the mainline The Witcher games.

In Monster Slayer, you play as an unknown witcher and gradually level up your character. Instead of Pokémon and dinosaurs, your local map is filled with various monsters from the game’s universe, as well as characters who’ll provide you with side-quests. Use a combination of various on-screen swipes, magic, and items to defeat the monsters in this exciting AR spin-off to The Witcher.

The best augmented reality games for Android

Even years after its release, Pokémon GO might still be the most refined augmented reality game. But as you can see, there are many other noteworthy contenders, some of which didn’t make the list. We encourage you to shout out your favorite in the comments below.

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