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Top Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) development companies in India 2022

Top Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) development companies in India 2022

Virtual and augmented reality have taken the world by storm. These technologies were mostly utilized in the gaming industry, but lately many other industries like healthcare, education, retail, have been looking at other uses for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. If we talk about virtual Reality industry statistics, it is expected to grow more than $12 billion by 2024 and According to Grandview Research, the worldwide AR market is expected to expand around 43.8% by 2028.

Although there are a plethora of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality development companies, you will be surprised to see that the list is quite long. To make your selection easier here we have handpicked the top AR VR companies in India.

Best Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Development Companies in India

The NineHertz is a recognized as a renowned AR & VR app development company having headquarter in India and serving since 2008. The company has a team of skilled developers who build apps with the latest technology and innovation in the AR/VR field analyzing the current demands of the market. The company is serving in the different fields like healthcare, education, entertainment, e-commerce & retail, and many more. Being a top VR development company, they develop the best VR apps at the best price in the market.

HCL Technologies is one of the leading VR app development companies in India, founded in 1991. It provides high-end VR development services, which also comprise immersive virtual and augmented reality, digital economies, digital twin simulation, and brand experience in the virtual world. You can expect the best quality work from this Virtual Reality App Development Company having headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

TATA consultancy services have been in IT technology since 1968 and are among the top Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Development company having headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Their Virtual reality & Augmented reality developers create the best apps as per the needs and requirements of the clients. They also provide a metaverse workplace experience for the workers looking to join the company via virtual sites. It is a small start, but it will lead to a significant change in the future.

Infosys is among the top Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Development companies, founded in 1996 with headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The experts understand the goals and challenges of your business, and they can define the problem statement. This VR App Development Company has experienced graphic artists, designers, video animators, and experienced engineers who will work with you and assist you in building fantastic VR app solutions for your business.

The Laren & Toubro Infotech company founded in 1996 has developed many VR & AR apps that have been successful in the market and known among the top AR/VR Development companies. Being a leading company in VR/AR, the company helps clients develop some innovative high-end solutions. They develop trending VR apps across the industries which cover immersive technologies, gamification and VR apps, wearables, beacon technology, IoT, etc. Moreover, the apps that this company develops are easy to deploy. This AR development company provides customizable pp development services that are excellent with reasonable costs.

CMC Limited is a best Virtual Reality App Development Company helping the clients in driving the user engagement and enhancing their efficiency by customizing the software and VR solutions for their business. This company is a part of the $100 billion Tata group from the year 2001 and its headquarters are in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Their Virtual reality & Augmenetd reality developers will help you create excellent VR applications by using video transmission, image recognition, and 3D rendering. Furthermore, they integrate the custom features into the existing VR solutions to give your business’s unique and immersive experience.

C-DAC is one of the best Indian VR development companies, founded in 1988 and its headquarters are in Pune, Maharashtra. This company can provide you with unique VR visualizations for all your customers. It has an expert team that connects the variations, analysis, and creativity to give the best virtual reality services to its clients. Moreover, the vast range of technical proficiencies and high-end VR solutions make them one of the leading Virtual Reality App Development Companies in India. Their specialties in VR app development are their high-end innovative tools such as Unity, and Unreal Engine. Blender, 3D technology, Blender, and many more.

Mindtree comes on the list of best VR Development Company having headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company is best known for delivering the best VR apps to its clients in the industries of manufacturing, automotive, retail, education, BFSI, HiTech & Media, and travel & hospitality since 1999. With their support in the VR application, your business will be able to stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. The skilled team of developers makes use of Blender, Unity 3D, Google, Microsoft vision, and many more high-tech tools for providing a true immersive experience to its customers.

Virtual reality and augmented reality allow businesses of all sectors to perform better in the market. Their well-known VR app development company believes that their VR services enable enterprises to take the next digital leap. They shift the business from the point of sale to the end of the experience. It was founded in 1998, in Bangalore, Karnataka. You will be glad to know that Mphasis company combines AI, cognitive computing, big data, and holographic visualization technology to develop fantastic customer engagements on their apps.

Wipro Limited is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company since 1945. Now this company has built a lucrative niche in AR and VR apps for startups and businesses all around the world. Their virtual reality & augmenetd reality developers are experienced in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and 3D content production, Wipro offers a variety of AR/VR solutions across various sectors.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire AR/VR Developers?

The average cost would be $5,000–$10,000 whether you need an application with s    imple 360 videos or  a comprehensive full CG-based environment. Although the scale and complexity of app development will impact the total cost.

That’s all about AR & VR development companies. All these companies have the top Virtual reality & Augmenetd reality developers who are well versed in using the latest innovative technology and create the best AR & VR apps. You can select any of these companies for your business without any second thought.

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