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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

5 Best Augmented Reality Headsets To Buy In 2022 – Oscarmini

So very close, yet so far, that is pretty much the reality of VR and AR in the last 5 years. However, consumer mixed reality is now something to take note of amid the ever-rising competition and fresh headsets coming from several manufacturers, a list that includes Apple. As you already know, Mark Zuckerberg’s faith in the Metaverse will definitely keep eyeballs glued for a long time, so this is the time to jump on board. To further prepare you for your AR experience on a daily basis, this article delivers a comprehensive list of 5 Best Augmented Reality Headsets to buy right now.

1. Epson Moverio BT-300:

These amazing AR glasses were manufactured with a brilliant design and they absolutely suit the design of AR applications, guaranteeing an augmented landscape filled with objects rendered at a commendable 1280×720 fidelity. If you fancy FPV drones, you’ll love these glasses, plus you’ll get all the vital DJI apps.

The Epson Moverio BT-300 is super transparent and it possesses a very sharp Si-OLED screen that guarantees a display equivalent of 320 degrees at 20m. Its superb transparency and high-resolution camera deliver smooth integration of digital content with the outside world. You’ll also get a binocular display, making it useful for side-by-side 3D content.

2. MERGE AR Headset:

This headset works with iPhone and Android phones, and there are hundreds of virtual field trips available on this one. Users will be able to view 360-degree videos plus it will work alongside the Merge Cube tool, aiding children to hold virtual objects. As for field trips, you can expect experiences from top brands like National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, NASA and so on. This product will suit anyone from age 10 and above.

3. Raptor AR Headset:

This one comes with a 13.2 MP front camera that aids you to record 1080p HD clips and snap quality photos. It comes with an optional controller, an intuitive touchpad and users will be allowed to switch between visor tints, but this will depend on the weather. You get 2GB of RAM and 16/32 GB internal memory plus the Polycarbonate visor will resist dust, water, and other impacts.

Owners are also guaranteed 43 degrees field of view and it makes use of Beam tech, a WVGA+ tech to project a very simple wireframe screen over an area equivalent to a 65” screen placed at 12 feet in front of a user’s eye. This one will suit outdoor athletes and cyclers on the road, including mountain bikers.

4. ThirdEye Generation:

With this option, users enjoy 42 degrees field of view, the resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels, plus you get a 13MP camera for HD video and pictures. You also get 3D tracking, image detection, occlusion, and an all-in-one SLAM solution. You’ll get several sensors here, including 2 wide-angle 13 MP cameras for more quality environmental mapping, dual noise-cancelling mics and 32 GB storage.

Users will be able to share their points of view with others via video communication and it delivers live audio for remote assistance apps. It is compatible with several AR applications and you’ll be able to create dope AR content with VisionEye SLAM SDK.

5. Kopin Solos:

This headset delivers 10.6 degrees field of view; 400 × 240 pixels resolution, and you’ll get a microphone plus earphones for smooth audio when you receive/pick calls, listen to music or monitor the headset with voice control and audio guiding. It will work seamlessly with AR applications and there is a spare lens to work with.

This option can be adjusted easily and it is blessed with a lightweight design. The Kopin Solos headset will suit lovers of sports, including cyclists, runners, and triathletes, plus it measures relevant metrics like time, speed, power, heart rate and so on.


Having read through this list of 5 Best Augmented Reality Headsets To Buy In 2022, you will agree with me that your AR experience can be improved with these new products.

If you have any personal favourites we haven’t mentioned above, kindly let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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