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6 iPhone Apps to Redesign Your Home Using Augmented Reality

6 iPhone Apps to Redesign Your Home Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) apps let you add virtual objects to the real world using your phone camera. This comes in handy when you’re redecorating as you can see what furniture might look like in your house without needing to physically get it in there. You can also try out different wall colors, landscape designs, and even plan a remodel with just the tap of a button.

If you’re interested in AR and want to improve your home, consider trying these iPhone AR interior design apps.

1. Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the most popular furniture stores on the web. Wayfair changed how many of us buy furniture, and the need to go to a furniture store is no more. Now you can browse through thousands of pieces of furniture to find the perfect items and get them delivered to your home, often for free. Wayfair even sells sheds and appliances.

If you’re looking to get some new furniture and are shopping on Wayfair, you can try out the furniture before you buy it. With Wayfair’s augmented reality feature, you can see if the furniture would look good in your home. This can help you determine if it will fit or match your current decor. AR helps you shop better online, and Wayfair is no exception.

Download: Wayfair (Free)

2. IKEA Place

IKEA is the most popular furniture store in the world. After all, it’s the only furniture store that also sells meatballs! With thousands of affordable pieces of furniture for sale, many people drive for hours to go to an IKEA store.

IKEA also ships furniture to your home, or you can order it for pickup at a local IKEA store.


Before you order online or drive out to an IKEA store, consider downloading IKEA Place. This app offers true-to-scale models of popular furniture items so you can see if a particular piece would look good in your home. You can also get inspired by new designs and your room updates.

IKEA Place also offers collections, so you can see what items match each other if you want all new furniture.

Download: IKEA Place (Free)

3. JigSpace

JigSpace is an app designed to create 3D presentations in AR. While JigSpace isn’t designed for remodeling your home, it’s the best AR app there is for collaborating on 3D projects.

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, consider using JigSpace to create mockups in AR. Then, you can collaborate with others on how you want the room to look. If you’re hiring somebody to remodel your home for you, JigSpace can help you design a presentation. Then you can show the builders or interior designers what you’re looking for.

With JigSpace, you can use a large library full of 3D objects. These objects can help you plan a 3D layout,

Download: JigSpace (Free, subscription available)

iScape does everything the previous apps do, but with a twist. Instead of working to remodel your home, iScape helps you find a new landscape design for your garden. For many, the first impression of a home starts with the garden. If you’re looking to do some new landscaping but aren’t sure what you want, downloading iScape can help you figure that out.

iScape has thousands of elements to choose from, including trees, flowers, and rocks. With just about every plant and flower variety in the iScape library, you can create a yard that you will enjoy for years.

Once you design your new landscape, you can buy the materials. iScape makes that easy by offering a list of what your design contains so you can easily find the products you need. This is also great for those who are new to landscaping and aren’t sure what to buy.

Download: iScape (Subscription required)

5. magicplan

magicplan is an app designed for contractors, or those looking to hire a contractor. If your home needs a complete remodel, this is the app for you. The magicplan app makes it easy to analyze a layout in AR and plan how you want to change it. You can create new floor plans, new rooms, and even add 3D objects.

Since magicplan has a large database of items available, including cabinets, plumbing, and windows, you can create the best design. This app is perfect for those making large changes to their homes and makes it easy to see how big renovations will look.

Without magicplan, you could knock down a wall and find out it doesn’t look as good as you expected. Or, you could paint your entire house only to find out you don’t like it that color. This is why magicplan is so popular.

When you finish designing, you can generate a report for your contractor or builder. They can use that report to start the project.

Download: magicplan (Subscription required)

6. Houzz

Houzz is one of the most popular interior design apps out there. The Houzz app features tons of inspiring designs that can help you decide how you want to decorate your home. With designs by some of the best interior designers, you can get inspired to turn your home into something truly great.

However, the augmented reality feature in the Houzz app is another feature that makes this app worth it. With the AR feature, you can try out different items in your home. You can see how furniture, plants, curtains, and more will look.

While this is similar to some of the other apps in this list, there are more items to choose from in Houzz. If you find yourself wanting even more ideas, Pinterest also has a great AR feature for furniture.

The Houzz app also has an interesting feature that allows you to upload a picture and it will find the items in that picture. So if you see something you like elsewhere, you can screenshot it, upload it, and find the exact item.

Download: Houzz (Free)

Create Your Dream Home in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a great way to design the home of your dreams. Using AR, you can see how items would look in your home before you make a purchase. You can also plan reconstruction and even plot how you want your yard to look in AR.

With many advancements in AR technology, you can see exactly how furniture will look in your room before you buy. This saves you time and prevents the need to return furniture, which can be expensive and difficult to do.

Joe Cason
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Joe is a former web designer and current entrepreneur and freelance writer. He is passionate about making technology accessible for everyone. When not writing for MakeUseOf, he can be found skateboarding, hiking, and attending graduate school.

From Joe Cason

Joe is a former web designer and current entrepreneur and freelance writer. He is passionate about making technology accessible for everyone. When not writing for MakeUseOf, he can be found skateboarding, hiking, and attending graduate school.

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