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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Ford has devised a brilliant method of incorporating augmented reality (AR) into automobiles | Immersive Technology

Ford has devised a brilliant method of incorporating augmented reality (AR) into automobiles | Immersive Technology

Ford has no intention of ending the development of beneficial technology. They have recently come up with a better technique to employ augmented reality (AR) in a range of automobiles. For the time being, it may appear to be a quirk. However, it is a trendy technology that can be quite useful.

Most vehicle owners who drive a lot have probably been in circumstances when the sun’s glare was too high at either sunrise or sunset. This compromises their ability to be safe whilst on the road. Moreover, such situations can get quite worse if there is a flooded road up ahead for a driver to traverse through.

To tackle glare issues drivers try to rely on sun visors and glasses, or just squint when necessary. Despite these, there are times when seeing the road clearly is impossible Ford intends to assist drivers with their solution by providing enhanced AR features in an upcoming vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz is a vehicle manufacturer that has successfully utilised augmented reality technology-based navigation. Now, the same tech is being adopted for premium segment vehicles. AR was earlier mostly considered as a technology for smartphone games such as Pokemon Go.

Ford has another application for the technology, based on the news of a recent United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filing. This device will be installed in a car with a head-up display (HUD), according to the company. “User-centric Enhanced Pathway,” or UEP for short, is the company’s name for it.

More news is yet to come regarding the wider-scale adoption of the technology by Ford across vehicles. As of now, they are holding back as further development efforts might be underway. Drivers might have to wait for some time before expecting the new AR features in their Ford vehicles.

The GPS, HUD, radars, and cameras included in Ford’s new proprietary AR system will be used to display the path that the driver has to follow on the windscreen. It is effectively a second pair of eyes for the driver in a vehicle. It will also be able to modify several settings like as colour, brightness, and contrast automatically to ensure that the driver sees what information is being displayed.

The augmented reality vehicular system will also be able to determine when it needs to activate on its own, based on information like the driver’s eye squint state, current location, vehicle speed, or present weather conditions. It is intuitive and self-adjusting to help drivers be at ease.

Ford is seeking to incorporate this technology onto vans and buses, as well as, automobiles and trucks. In the USPTO application, there is a lot more precise information regarding this revolutionary AR system.

It is important to remember that patents do not always constitute a guarantee of manufacturing. The vehicle automaker wants to ascertain that its technology is legally protected. Based on the current state of affairs and the forecast for returning to normalcy, Ford going full force on this technological development very soon is unexpected.

Stay tuned for more news on this.

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