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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Augmented Reality for Customer Support

Augmented Reality for Customer Support

Augmented Reality for Customer Support

Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest innovation by Xerox to transform their client’s user experience. Now, instead of waiting on your IT team to replace a toner cartridge or waste collector, or to resolve a paper jam, with Xerox CareAR, any user can be supported online through their phone or tablet

It’s so easy with a remote engineer! They can guide you just as if they were at your office and help to fix the issues faster. Now you can be up and running with the minimum of delay.

What is Augmented Reality?

A camera is at the heart of an augmented reality experience. The technology creates an interactive user experience in which digital images of the real world are continuously overlaid with computer-generated images, sometimes in 3D.

AR technology has become the latest example of how the most innovative companies can provide remote support to their customers. Indeed, augmented reality (AR) is making help desks more effective because customer service agents can leverage the efficiency of this cutting-edge technology. It’s all about delivering better results, faster.

How does CareAR® work?

CareAR® Assist enables the Xerox support team to provide annotated guidance using interactive graphics which are displayed in the user’s video feed. Being able to point to a paper drawer, or highlight which part of the machine to open to change a toner cassette is so much faster than trying to explain ‘’blind”.

A circle, arrow, or text note overlaid onto the live video feed makes everything come to life. Not only that, but the system recognises the device in 3D, so even as the user moves their phone or tablet, the annotation remain positioned appropriately. The result is faster diagnosis and problem resolution.

CareAR Augmented Reality user experience

  • Your Xerox customer service agent can see what you see! It’s an immersive experience via the feed of your phone or tablet’s rear video camera, enabling the engineer to see exactly what you’re seeing.
  • With guidance in real-time, the customer is navigated to solve problems through annotations such as arrows, pulsating circles, live chat text boxes, and numerous other features overlaid onto the live video.
  • Because it’s augment reality, the annotations become fixed to the appropriate place on the machine, even as you move your camera around. Even if you move away entirely, when you point your phone at the printer again, all of the notes are perfectly positioned.
  • Data protection and privacy are of huge importance, and that’s why only the rear-facing camera is used, leaving the user invisible.

The Benefits of Xerox Augmented Reality

Graphical guidance resolves the problem faster by:

  • Enabling Xerox customer support to see exactly what you see for faster diagnostics
  • Eliminating miscommunication because annotations prioritize what to focus on
  • Showing the problem and visually identifying the steps to resolve it rather than just explaining them
  • Not waiting for an engineer and keeping everyone safe

Accessing Xerox CareAR

Contact Advanced UK and our help desk can invite you to a CareAR session free of charge. You’ll need the CareAR Apps which you can download via the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Once registered, you’ll receive an invitation to join a CareAR session via a text message or email, and you’ll connect via the CareAR app on your mobile device, as well as being able to access via your web browser.

Use Augmented Reality your own customer support

A smart augmented reality support platform from CareAR, a Xerox Company, enables your customer service, field service, and IT service staff to produce better results and experiences. Through remote AR guidance and troubleshooting, you can improve safety while avoiding expensive dispatches and cutting down on time-sensitive resolutions. Your customers, staff, and field personnel now have the most advanced support tool available to quickly prevent and reduce downtime.

The CareAR Augmented reality features

As part of an end-to-end service management workflow, CareAR offers enhanced augmented reality tools with live video collaboration and the ability to record images and video from support sessions into systems of record, extending value to support teams.

The multiparty feature of CareAR enables you to invite as many collaborators as you like to participate in a real-time, high-definition remote solve session.

CareAR users have access to one of the most comprehensive AR toolkits in the market, allowing them to annotate both shared images and live video feeds, offering detailed visual instructions to solve issues quickly.

Hosts can enable session recording to record video, audio, and augmented reality annotations for playback after the session. Excellent for providing feedback to new hires, producing audit artefacts, developing knowledge base materials, and more.

For businesses, dividing support teams into groups enables better user management and performance analysis. Based on a job function, location, corporate structure, language spoken, skill set, or any other attribute, you can create groups. Reporting can be filtered according to group membership.

By using the in-depth dashboards offered by CareAR’s admin portal, administrators, managers, and team leaders can gain a better understanding of how teams are successfully resolving field issues.

Use CareAR’s unique KPI builder to instrument the Key Performance Indicators that are important to your organisation. Find out what your customers think of you. Gather data in a structured way to enable quick feedback and iteration.

You can calculate the ROI improvements in performance, increased dispatch deflection, decreased resolution times, decreased truck rolls/onsite visits, and improved first-time fix rates using the data made available by CareAR.

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