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Big World Publishing Announces the First Children’s Book to Include Augmented Reality Technology by Artscapes

Plainfield, IL – Self-published Children’s Book Author, Erika Bud, partners with New Orleans based ARtscapes to provide augmented reality (AR) technology in her first book, Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia. Readers will be the first to enjoy this amazing experience as ARtscapes has never provided this technology in a children’s book.

Created to ignite a passion for travel in both children and adults, the Travel Rangers book series makes it fun to learn about the fascinating countries and cultures throughout the world. The first book of the series, Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia takes adventurous readers on a mission through Australia, where they will swim in the Great Barrier reef, climb the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge, meet some new animals, and even learn some fun Australian words and phrases. Diverse characters were intentionally created for the book demonstrating habits that real kids have, like biting their nails, so as many children as possible could picture themselves on the adventure.

“In 2019 (pre-Covid), less than 14% of the American population traveled overseas. I want to do what I can to increase that number. When children travel to other countries, they learn about diverse cultures and perspectives. They also learn to be more accepting and welcoming of each other’s differences,” states Erika.

AR technology was added to the book to help engage children and get them excited about traveling to Australia. To use, simply download a free app. and scan the QR code on the marked pages. Kids won’t want to miss this adventure!

Erika Bud, the author of the Travel Rangers series, has traveled to over thirty countries, living in both Spain and Australia. She started traveling overseas when she was 18 years old, working as an Au Pair. She loves embracing new cultures—eating new foods, learning about the history of the country, seeing remarkable architecture and sites, and meeting interesting people.

Erika left the business world in 2022 to focus on being a Children’s Book Author. She is self-publishing her book series under her company, Big World Publishing, as opposed to trying to find a traditional publisher, because of her son, Hayden. Erika didn’t want to lose the many elements that her son contributed to the book.

“Everything from why they are called Rangers to why they wear camouflage vests is because of Hayden. He even picked their mode of transportation and made sure I knew if the propellers were not the correct size. I didn’t want to lose this if I found a traditional publisher, so I decided to become a self-publisher and work as hard as I could to get my book into as many children’s hands as possible,” stated Erika.

Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia is perfect for children ages 4-8 years old and even includes lesson plans for teachers. The book is expected to be published in June 2022. To help cover some of the upfront costs to publish the book, Erika is launching a Kickstarter campaign from 4/1-4/27/22. During this campaign, supporters can pre-order the book and receive exclusive rewards and deals. Support this great mission and pre-order your book at:

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