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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Bushmans 3D & Augmented Reality Tanks

Bushmans 3D & Augmented Reality Tanks

Bushmans is very excited to announce our new tech initiative! We have generated some of our most popular water tanks in 3D and in augmented reality! Some people may not have any experience or knowledge of augmented reality as it is a relatively new technology. Some people may be asking, ‘what is AR or augmented reality? Augmented reality is when a computer or phone creates an interactive experience in a real-world environment. This is usually a visual and auditory experience. However, there are AR experiences that can involve triggering multiple senses. Essentially, most AR experiences utilise your phone’s camera to generate a digital object in the real world that can be seen through your phone camera.

Bushmans has worked with an innovative South Australian company
Lateral Vision to create some of our most popular tanks in 3D and AR. This means you are now able to view the tanks in 3D on your phone and desktop computer. You can use your mouse or finger to look at every angle of the tank, spin it, turn it etc. Click the full screen button to view the tank in full screen, see example below. 

You can click ‘view in AR’ and view and place the tank in your property or backyard to choose the size. If you are not sure what size water tank you need or what size will fit your situation, the new AR feature will be able to help. The tanks are to scale in AR, which means you will be able to see how big the tank is in relation to you space and requirements. Another handy tool we have created is our rainwater tank calculator, which can determine the best size tank for you by answering a few quick questions. Check out our easy water tank calculator today. 

As well as determining the optimal size of water tank for your situation, the new AR feature also lets you see what colour of tank best suits your environment. There is an easy to use, drop down menu to select a colour from Bushmans’ standard 13 colours. Due to the lighting engine in the 3D environment, the colours are not an exact match to Bushmans’ standard 13 colours, but they are very close. We also offer additional colours to suit most situations.

Utilising Bushmans AR gives you the best opportunity to try before you buy. It lets you place a tank to scale in your environment, so you can see the actual size it will be in your space. It can also help to determine a colour you like that matches the tank’s surroundings. The AR even lets you take photos with the digital tank in the scene. This is handy as you can show people later how the tank will look and use it as a reference guide. 

Check out the AR Announcement video video that shows how to use the 3D and AR on iPhone and Android below.

We are working to convert all our tanks to 3D with AR functionality in the next few months. Click below to try it today with some of our most popular poly water tanks.

1000L Slimline Water Tank
2000L Slimline Water Tank
3000L Slimline Water Tank
5000L Slimline Water Tank
5000L Tall Water Tank
5000L Squat Water Tank
10,000L Tall Water Tank
15,000L Round Water Tank
22,500L Round Water Tank
25,000L Round Water Tank

If you are interested in enquiring about a quality water tank after trying our augmented reality give us a call on 1800 008 888 or fill out a contact form below and one of our friendly tank specialists will be in touch.

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