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dynamic NFT of gaudí's iconic casa batlló by refik anadol sells at christie's for $1.38M

dynamic NFT of gaudí’s iconic casa batlló by refik anadol sells at christie’s for $1.38M

‘Living Architecture: Casa Batlló’ by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol’s ‘Living Architecture: Casa Batlló’ is a dynamic NFT of the façade of Antoni Gaudí’s iconic Casa Batlló in Barcelona. The digital artwork, which was auctioned off at Christie’s on may 10 for $1.38 million, uses environmental data gathered in real-time from sensors placed around the site. As such, the pioneering masterpiece changes depending on the city’s weather, data collected in real-time, and the events celebrated on the façade of the famous building, including Saint George’s Day and Christmas. Casa Batlló is the first UNESCO World Heritage building that has been reinterpreted in a NFT form.

‘Gaudí is an amazing inspiration for any creator and Casa Batlló a dream work to dive into,’ notes the pioneering AI artist and digital architect while reflecting on the challenge of reinterpreting the renowned spanish architect’s work and principles. ‘From its organic architecture, inspired in nature, to the smallest details on its many mosaics, it is a privilege to reinterpret such an alive legacy and bring it to the 21st century, guided by Artificial Intelligence.’

all other images: Refik Anadol, Living Architecture: Casa Batlló, courtesy of Christies, unless stated otherwise

A DYNAMIC NFT THAT changes in real time

Following Gaudí’s innovative spirit, Casa Batlló is collaborating with New Media artists to present digital art collections inspired by the architect’s legacy and creative universe. In 2021, the museum presented a series of immersive rooms, including the instantly acclaimed ‘Gaudí Cube’ with the piece ‘In the Mind of Gaudí’ by Refik Anadol. With ‘Living Architecture: Casa Batlló’, the turkish-american new media artist has transformed the first UNESCO World Heritage Site into a dynamic NFT that changes in real time through AI. ‘Casa Batlló’s mission is to amplify Gaudí’s magic, and Refik Anadol is the perfect fellow traveler for this journey,’ Gary Gautier, Casa Batlló’s Manager, reflects on choosing Refik Anadol to propel Gaudí’s legacy into the heritage of tomorrow. ‘His work resides between art and technology, expands the possibilities of architecture, and brings a new outlook beyond space and time. Refik connects past, present, and future, reminding us of the innovative, humanist and visionary Gaudí.’

On May 7, 2022, Anadol projected a mapping version of the piece on the façade of Casa Batlló before 47.000 attendees (scroll down to watch the video!). Meanwhile the ‘Living Architecture: Casa Batlló’ NFT was sold as part of the auction ’21st Century Evening Sale’ that took place at Christie’s in New York on May 10. The piece raised $1.38 million (1.3 million euros), 10% of which will be delivered to Associació Aprenem Autisme, and to Fundación Adana, who specialize on neurodivergence support. The digital artwork is also on public view at Rockefeller Plaza in the heart of Manhattan, until tomorrow, May 13, while visitors to Casa Batlló in Barcelona can also experience it on the fifth floor of the iconic building.

dynamic NFT of gaudí's iconic casa batlló by refik anadol sells at christie's for $1.38M
‘Living Architecture: Casa Batlló’ reinterprets the façade of Antoni Gaudí’s iconic building in Barcelona

dynamic NFT of gaudí's iconic casa batlló by refik anadol sells at christie's for $1.38M
the dynamic NFT that changes in real time through AI

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