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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Futuristic, noob-friendly NFT exhibition in S'pore till July 31, showcases technology & its potential uses

Futuristic, noob-friendly NFT exhibition in S’pore till July 31, showcases technology & its potential uses

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The first of its kind in Asia and Singapore, MetaJam Asia 2022 is a digital and experiential art festival that allows total newbies a chance to understand and delve into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse.

MetaJam Asia 2022 is held within the Tekka Place Annex Building Experience centre and spans from May 6 to Jul. 31, 2022.

The event features a collection of over 10,000 NFTs, keynote speakers from various industries, and exhibits from the NFT community.

The Highlights

NFT artworks and exhibits at zone 4. Photo by Irwan Shah

There are several cool things that you can do here, ranging from the educational (learning how to mint NFTs — turning digital works into digital assets in a blockchain) to the entertaining (making your own beatbox rhythm by using the Tezarekt, an interactive game where you can select different combinations of sounds made by real beatboxers).

“We are excited to bring NFTs to life via the curation and execution of completely interactive learning experiences at MetaJam. Visitors will learn first-hand that art and technology seamlessly complement each other,” said Raja V, Founder of Kult Studio and Gallery, one of the event’s organisers.

Educational zones for newbies

If you’re completely clueless about NFTs, the event presents an interactive learning experience where you will walk through seven different educational zones.

MetaJam Asia 2022 aims to build and grow the NFT community and expose patrons to NFTs’ fundamental building blocks. They will also provide a glimpse into NFTs’ various potential uses within the music, art, and entertainment industries at MetaJam Asia.


Interactive activity with a magnifying glass (first from right) on featured NFT artworks at Zone 1. Photo by Irwan Shah

Here’s the place where you dissect an NFT and understand how it’s being created. You will first learn about blockchain, the technology that allows individuals to create unique tokens of assets that they have — for example, an artwork or a song. 

A short video explains how blockchain works and how it serves as a tool to authenticate an NFT’s official ownership, like a fingerprint. This sets NFTs apart from regular images — which can be copied and reproduced.

The process is further elaborated through several interactive NFT artworks on a wall. Patrons can hold up a “magnifying glass” to see the difference between a regular image and an NFT.

Zone 2: Meta of Facts

Fun facts are on the glowing boxes at Zone 2. Photo by Irwan Shah

After learning what an NFT is, you’ll venture into the next section, called “Meta of Facts”, where you’ll learn about things like the world’s first fast-food chain NFT, and how much Twitter’s first tweet NFT was sold for.

You’ll also get to know the trendsetters and pioneers behind the NFT art scene, hear about their record-breaking achievements, and other fun facts about the Metaverse through glowing cubes which light up via motion sensors on their sides.

Zone 3: Token Jams

Go through the NFT minting journey by customising your own artwork. Photo by Irwan Shah

The third zone is where you can build your very own NFT — sort of. The “Token Jams” activity provides an opportunity for patrons to get a hands-on experience of making an NFT in three-steps.

The activity mimics an NFT creator’s journey in the Metaverse, from making the artwork to pricing and minting.

You’ll be given an outline of a face on paper and can customise it however you choose, with provided stickers and colour pencils.

Afterwards, you’ll proceed to set the price, the editions and the percentage of royalties you receive. The journey ends when your NFT is figuratively minted.

Zone 4: Jam Sessions

The gallery shows NFT artworks from local and other Asian artists. Photo by Irwan Shah

The growth of NFTs paved the way for artists to sell their artwork without the risk of being copied.

For example, NFTs can be used to attest to the authenticity of physical items instead of barcodes. 

Discover how various different industries’ creators incorporate NFT technology into their works. This includes music, animation, digital art and even furniture.

Zone 5: Metasphere

Patrons can immerse themselves in the AR experiences available in zone 5. Photo by Irwan Shah

You’ll probably have a good idea about what an NFT is by the time you get to Zone 5, named “The Metasphere”. This is where these NFTs come to life through several different Artificial Reality (AR) experiences. Here, you can watch yourself transform into pixels on a screen or control a dancing ape through your movements.

Zone 6: The RAD Jam

Each week, different individuals from the NFT community will be invited to share their insights about the world of NFTs in Zone 6.

There will be exclusive workshops where you can broaden your horizons about Web 3.0 and how you can benefit.

You can find the schedule for the workshops here.

Zone 7: Meta of time: Pitstop

Merchandise is available at zone 7. Photo by Irwan Shah

At the end of the whole journey, you’ll be able to bring home a piece of MetaJam at their merchandise store. Items such as branded memorabilia and apparel will also be available for purchase. If you plan to bring out your favourite NFT artwork into the real world, you can even choose to print it out on a t-shirt for a fee.

The MetaPass

Projecting fashion designs on clothes at zone 4. Photo by Irwan Shah

MetaJam Asia 2022 launched its own NFT — the MetaPass — exclusively for the festival. It allows pass holders to have extra perks within the event such as unlimited priority access to MetaJam Asia 2022 in Singapore, and free entry to upcoming MetaJams in other Asian cities.

However, note that the organisers have yet to determine the exact cities.

Additionally, you will also be granted access to a summit at MetaJam Asia 2022 in Singapore. The summit is a high-level panel discussion between industry leaders of blockchain, cryptocurrency and metaverse topics, giving you an insider perspective on the whole NFT space.

Currently, over 2,000 MetaPasses have been sold.

You can find the rest of the MetaPass details here.

Event Details

When: May 6 to Jul. 31, 2022

Where: MetaJam Asia 2022 @ Tekka Annex Building Experience Centre

Tickets: Purchase your tickets to MetaJam Asia 22 here, or check out the official site for more information.

Tickets start from S$18 for a day pass, S$45 for a season pass, and 0.08 ETH*(approx. S$189, as of May 27) for a MetaPass.

*Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency commonly used to buy NFTs.

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Top photo by Irwan Shah

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