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Get a Hold of an Exclusive “Pugad Baboy” NFT of Filipino Icon Pol Medina Jr. - When In Manila

Get a Hold of an Exclusive “Pugad Baboy” NFT of Filipino Icon Pol Medina Jr. – When In Manila

Ark of Dreams ( is bringing in key people, brands, and organizations to join its metaverse platform,, a unique and immersive NFT game in a new cross-chain metaverse. The legendary comic strip artist Apolonio “Pol ” Medina Jr. NFT collection will be opened for minting on March 21, 2022, and launched through a party on Twitter Spaces on 8 PM exclusively on Ark of Dreams. This will jumpstart the movement of new artists to join Ark of Dreams.

Ark of Dreams CEO, Angeline Chii Viray says she envisions this collaboration project with Pol Medina Jr. as a beacon of hope to the new artists who will be paving the way for Filipino NFT art creators.

“Pol Medina Jr is an icon when it comes to art. His witty and thought-provoking material (reflected in his works like Pugad Baboy) is an awesome example of self-expression through art, which is one of the important things we are advocating for in Ark of Dreams.

“I see PMJr as a role model to younger artists out there who are aspiring to transition their art into NFTs. It’s the perfect medium to get their art out there, let their talent shine, and to get paid for their effort and creativity.

“Down the line, Ark of Dreams will onboard artists on the platform to sell and showcase their NFTs in the Metaverse, hopefully inspired by PMJr’s story (from traditional art to NFTs)” said Angeline Chii Viray. “We will be using NFT Fractionalization to create the opportunity to have decentralized decisions over the artworks of Pol Medina Jr. so that everyone can have ownership and vote on the future of the particular NFT art. We will be sharing with you how his NFT Collection will be the start of a web3 experiment that will be the framework and standard for professional art collection and artist immortalization in the Philippines and beyond.”

The founder of Ark of Dreams, Jason Dela Rosa says they are excited to bring more Filipino Icons and brands into the Ark of Dreams.

“We want to bring more Filipino icons and brands into the metaverse and immortalize them by making their story and their work and become part of the Ark of Dreams Web3 ecosystem and NFT game metaverse,” Jason Dela Rosa added.

Meet the Legendary Filipino Comic Strip Artist

Apolonio “Pol” Medina Jr. ‘s “Pugad Baboy” (Nest of Pigs) will always be atop that list when it comes to the most iconic and well-known artwork in Philippine history.

His comic strips have been featured and loved by many Filipinos due to their humor. It is published in the largest newspaper publications such as the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, and Rappler.

Pol Medina Jr comic strip is unique in his ability to depict the Filipino way of life through his comics hilariously. His strips are always full of wit, satire, and social commentary – making them a must-read for any Filipino. Whether he’s poking fun at politics, religion, or everyday life, Pol Medina Jr never fails to entertain his readers.

Aside from his famous comic “Pugad Baboy,” he also created two graphic novels, the Blood of the Shinobi and Pirata.

From Doodling Graffiti Walls To Iconic Comic Strips

Pol showed early signs of being an artistic genius at a young age. His first art material is crayons, and his canvas is the walls of their home in Baclaran, Philippines. His doodles would fill the walls of their house, and when their mom finds out about it, he will blame his older siblings. He is, unfortunately, the only person who can draw on that wall.

Pol’s love of art continues to grow. When he was in high school, he wanted to become an illustrator. He took the course B.S. Architecture in the University of Santo Tomas. He thought the course architecture was all about becoming an illustrator. The good thing is that he liked the course he took and completed his college degree.

Initially, he took a job at a construction firm, but later on, he decided to go to Iraq to try his luck and maybe even pursue greener pastures abroad. Like most OFWs, he missed his family so much. As he misses home, he created the world of Pugad Baboy. The Pugad Baboy world became one of the most accurate reflections of Filipino life, relationships, and politics.

Unlike Van Gogh, who took inspiration from the starry world he saw in his Asylum window, Pol’s iconic character was depicted from his pet dog. He would doodle under a palm tree and make him think about a talking dog which he later called Polgas in Pugad Baboy.

His breakthrough as an architect didn’t come abroad, and that’s why he decided to go home in March 1988. He took his portfolio and comic strips and went to Intramuros to show it in Manila Bulletin. However, he was directed by a bystander to the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) instead of the Manila Bulletin. He got his breakthrough and landed a contract in PDI. A few months later, he filled the Comic section of PDI, and his comic strip became popular.

Journey To Lasting Legacy

Eating rejection is normal when you decide to become a comic strip artist. Some sold their comic strips, and some didn’t even make a sale. Others will go into their treasure vault of old ideas and tweak them. And would hope to catch a break. And those who will take heart and persevere from early-career rejection will win it all.

The early stage of his comic strip artist career was not easy. Even if he had a huge break in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, his income as a comic strip artist is insufficient to sustain his daily needs. He needed to go back by being an Architect while creating his comic strip. He pushed through despite all the challenges and even published his first book, “The Very Best of Pugad Baboy.”

Without a doubt, most comic strip artists would dream of his journey to success. His work resulted in 20 – best-selling volumes, two editorial cartoon compilations, his very own Pugad Baboy merchandise, and a graphic novel Pirata and Blood of the Shinobi.

Pol Medina says that he’s excited to join the NFT and Metaverse space.

Matanda na ko pero nakiki-uso pa rin ako. Abangan niyo si Pugad Baboy in NFT only in Ark of Dreams” says Pol Medina Jr.

Without a doubt, the Filipino icon wants to create a lasting legacy for his artwork and his collaboration with Ark of Dreams aligns the vision of its Founder Jason Dela Rosa and CEO Angeline Viray along with the Founding Arkonians.

Check out for more details about the project of Ark of Dreams.

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