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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

How Does Augmented Reality Transform The Travel And Tourism Industry?

Augmented Reality(AR) has already conquered our lives, continues to evolve rapidly and transform the way businesses work. Ever used an IKEA app for your home decoration or Snapchat filters? AR allows users to test the products in real-time and visualize them!

Technology transforms all the facets of our lives, capabilities to hold the human mind, and is therefore proving to be a game-changer. One industry that is leveraging the benefits of AR Technology is travel and tourism.

The technology is opening a wide door of opportunities for the travel industry. It enhances both the customer and business experience. 

With these remarkable transitions, businesses are eager to build AR-based travel mobile applications. 

Do you wonder what changes AR brings to the travel domain? Here is a blog with detailed information on how AR plays its role in the travel and tourism industry and brings a drastic change!

Worldwide Market Size of the AR/VR Apps

The travel and tourism industry has been a quantum leap, and from offering an immersive experience to providing all the required information, the market is on the rise. Here are the stats that portrays it.


Types of dominant AR Applications in the market

You must be eager to know the types of AR applications in the market that can benefit your business more efficiently.

1. Location Based

These are the AR applications that help to track the location, wherever you are. 

Location or position-based application generally uses GPS or digital compass data to know the user’s location. You can develop navigation-based applications using AR technology.

2. Marker Based

Marker-based AI works when you scan a marker that triggers the augmented experience of the object, and it appears on the device. It recognizes the object, senses it in the camera, and offers all the information on the screen. 

These markers can be any codes or QR. And used in different types of AR-based travel applications. One of the famous examples is the AR-based QR codes that are instantly recognized by the camera. 


SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping, where a robot creates a map and finds the location of some object or devices nearby with the reference to its surroundings. In a nutshell, it makes it easier to identify properties, including the color or pattern, of a physical object.

Benefits of AR in the Travel and Tourism Industry

AR has the potential to transform the travel industry, and here are a few benefits that prove it is the future of the travel industry.

1. Eliminates the language barrier

The travel and tourism industry has been showing continuous growth over the years, as people love to explore new places and cities. Tourists play a prominent role in boosting the revenue, and because we have a large diversity, people face language barriers. AR technology eliminates these barriers, and it is one of the eminent benefits of AR. 

2. Traveller Safety and experience

Safety is a top-notch priority for the users who visit the destination, especially when it is your first time. Also, it is a primary concern because visitors or travelers hardly know about the place. Excitement is ok, but there is a fear as well! To ensure the safety of the travelers, they can have access to real-time information on the crime-prone areas with AR technology.

3. Immersive Navigation

Travelers are busy exploring the beauty of the city or other new places, they may get lost in an unknown location, and there is no scope for their coming back. But all thanks to the AR technology that makes it easy for the users to reach back their destinations. Travelers can leverage AR technology and navigate via the maps on their devices. There is an immersive navigation system that ensures an enjoyable trip without having to worry about anything.

One of the pioneers is Google Maps, which uses the latest AR technology to facilitate spatial orientation.

4. Local Conveyance

AR plays a significant role in improving local transit. No matter what your location is, AR-based applications offer the best services along with interactive maps, optimize traffic, destination, and more. You can avail of these services even when traveling via a public conveyance.

5. Easy access to all information

Tourism is a flourishing industry, and it opens up opportunities and new experiences for people to explore different places and cultures. With AR, it becomes a lot easier for the users. They can leverage technology, choose their destination and experience the enriched experience.

Augmented Reality in the Hospitality Industry

AR in travel and tourism continues to rise and is emerging. Here is how it helps in the hospitality industry.

1. Sales and Hotel Marketing

Nowadays, efficient marketing is the key for businesses to grow, and with AR devices, you can boost your sales and marketing of the hotel. With these devices, airlines and hotels can merge the customers into an environment to feel the reality.

Implementing AR technology makes it easier to connect and engage with the audience, bring them to your website and boost the conversion automatically.

2. Beacon and Push Notification

Beacon operates via Bluetooth and offers a fascinating use of Augmented Reality. It allows the marketers to send the information to customers at their specific locations and has proved to be extremely useful for hotel businesses.

Starwood is one of the popular hotels that uses beacon technology and allows customers to unlock their hotel room. It can be used for sending other things, including maps, deals, vouchers, and more.

 3. Gamification

The hospitality industry generates high revenue, and by using AR games, you can surely boost the overall experience of the customer staying at the hotel. 

Pokémon Go was one such game that hit hard, and its success leads to the usage of AR technology even more. 

Reshape your Tourism business with us!

The capability of Augmented Reality is vast, and it helps the tourism industry unwind a lot of new business opportunities. Integrating AR in your application enhances the customer base, bookings, and a lot more. AR is the future of the travel industry, and we suggest you must integrate it into your applications.

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