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How to Play Crypto Unicorns NFT Game | Philippines Guide

How to Play Crypto Unicorns NFT Game | Philippines Guide

In Crypto Unicorns, NFT Unicorns are utilized to simulate farming in the NFT lands to create this economy and use these unicorns for jousting and other PVP games.

Primary Crypto Unicorns focuses on land gameplay. Where the owner has the freedom to do with their land as soon as they acquire both land and a unicorn. They have the capability to customize their land.

Crypto Unicorns

Followed by jousting gameplay where unicorns can fight each other in a jousting match. There are also plans of adding up racing and team gameplays.

Crypto Unicorns Farming Gameplay

Farm is a customizable plot of land with up to 8 farm slots for harvesting berries and other important crafting materials. As players collect materials they can invest in building upgrades to further enhance and boost their production.

Four key features to each farm:

  • Farm Slots: Where you can grow Class Berries, which are used for crafting.
  • Workshop: Where you can produce materials and for soft resources and then craft advanced materials with more basic materials.
  • Nursery: Where Unicorns breed/evolve and new unicorns are hatched.
  • Stables: Where you can view their Unicorn NFTs collections as well as in the future make things like parties, etc. when there is gameplay that requires groups of Unicorns. Upgrading the Stables increases Unicorn Energy recovery.
Crypto Unicorns

Three types of farms:

  • Basic Farms: Produce Normal Berries and a chance at producing one specific Class Berry
  • Rare Farms: Produce Normal Berries and a chance at producing one specific Class Berry from a specific Class Group

Mythic Farms: Produce Normal Berries and a chance at producing one of any of the Class Berries.

How to Craft in Crypto Unicorns

The Workshop is where you go to use Unicorns to produce and craft materials. Producing materials requires staking of the Unicorn at the Workshop for a period of time. This costs Unicorn Energy just like harvesting or gathering. After the production time finishes, you will receive materials produced. Producing materials is similar to farming berries (ie. the Workshop produces the normal materials with a chance of a class material being produced).

Gathering in Crypto Unicorns

To deploy a Unicorn, one of that Unicorn’s energy is consumed. That Unicorn is then unavailable for a period of time. During which, the Unicorn cannot be used for any other gameplay mode.

Eventually, the Unicorn will return with materials and a very small chance of Rainbow Tokens and/or Unicorn Milk. The chance/quantity of materials, Rainbow Tokens and/or Unicorn Milk a Unicorn gathers depends on the rarity of Genes and the evolution stage of the Unicorn.

Jousting Gameplay

Jousting Events are tournaments with 16 or 32 players competing in Battle Royale style. Overtime developers will expand these to 64, 128, 256, etc.Players are ranked based on how far in the tournament they advance and receive rewards based on their rank. 

  • Winner: Most Unicorn Milk and Materials
  • Semifinalist: Some Unicorn Milk and Materials
  • Quarterfinalist: A tiny bit of Unicorn Milk and some more Materials
  • Non-qualifying: A tiny bit of Materials

Racing Gameplay

Race tracks are unique with each having its own attributes (type, distance, weather, size, etc) designed to produce exciting outcomes. Initially, 8 unicorns can compete in a race. Overtime developers will adjust this number up to larger fields. You are ranked based on how your Unicorns place. The higher the Unicorn Ranks, the more Unicorn Milk they’ll receive. Initially there will be 3 genesis tracks which will be controlled by the developers. Soon tracks will be sold to the community for management.

Racing Stats:

Core racing stats are ultimately determined by combining a Unicorn’s base stats together to produce scores for Top Speed, Acceleration, and Endurance.

Battle Gameplay

Developers are planning an epic team RPG game with both PvE and PvP elements. This game type is still under development and will launch in Q4 2022.

Unicorn NFTs

Developers are seeding the marketplace with 10,000 genesis eggs which will all be sold in the pre-sale. These are the only Unicorn genesis eggs that will ever exist and form the foundation of the long term game economy. Each Unicorn can only be bred up to 8 times. This will be further deflated overtime with the introduction of a future burn mechanism. 

In addition to these 10K genesis eggs Laguna Games has found 99 Limited Edition eggs to experiment on with the goal of releasing them over time. These will be unique 1/1 unicorns that are unfortunately made sterile by the commercialization process. Developers will likely tie these Unicorn eggs to prizes for winning events and community contests. These Unicorn’s stats will be generated using the same genetic algorithm and thus won’t necessarily be OP. These 99 limited edition unicorns to be released overtime in tandem with partners globally. 

The Unicorns are actually highly useful creatures and can be leveraged in both the core farming loop as well as the secondary battle loops. Unicorn magic naturally revitalizes and brings life to the Land. Players with a genesis egg can hatch their first unicorn to activate the Land and allow them to begin farming berries and gathering materials. Unicorns love berries and these are necessary for evolution as well as optionally useful in breeding.

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