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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Is Augmented Reality the Real Thing if It Relates to Social Media Marketing?

Is Augmented Reality the Real Thing if It Relates to Social Media Marketing?

With technological advancement already underway, there’s a lot we can envision regarding the world’s future. Although we can’t see people moving back and forth with a time machine, we still have AR technology. It enhances the way things work for us through efficient, convenient, and healthier ways. It brings value to both personal and professional spheres of life. Let’s learn how it’s paving the way for an advanced future.

How is AR Achieving Success in Social Media Marketing?

The AR technology market is growing by leaps and bounds. Expert estimation shows that the entire AR industry will be worth more than USD 76 billion by 2030, which was USD 26.75 billion in 2021. Furthermore, AR has the power to mix up reality with the virtual world, whether as holographic projections, smart glasses, and more, which may lead to smoother business processes and lead to a future transition globally.

AR in Social Media Marketing for Telcos

In telecom equipment inspections, AR can be a handy addition for providing real-time access to the hardware for remote professionals. Furthermore, it can help with quick consultancy regarding equipment fixing or analyzing.

AR in Industry 4.0

There are infinite ways to integrate AR into Industry 4.0 or the Smart Industry to improve its work processes. It eases up organizing repairs, inspection, maintenance, and even cleaning of production facilities. AR adds superior precision and harnesses agile, innovative practices for a seamless result.

AR in Data centers

AR has a role in transforming the box-like systems of the data centers into a much more futuristic structure. Data center operations require a wide array of sophisticated systems, modern machinery, and equipment that are complex and require high expertise. AR can reduce complexity by allowing technicians and professionals to verify live data from remote locations.

Augmented Reality and the Future

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses started adapting to remote work strategies. In this regard, AR may become a part of businesses and our daily lives. Although we may not yet see the OASIS levels of immersion present, we can certainly see the AR technology revolution in the work sphere.

Overview of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality combines the physical and digital world to provide an immersive environment experience. For example, it projects a 3D image of the objects on the customer’s physical surroundings via a mobile device. Even realtors are using AR for improving their bottom line. AR can generate 3D plans directly on 2D designs.

Combined with 3D modeling software and building information modeling, contractors can create detailed, interactive kitchen and bathroom models. They can then share the designs with the clients to get their input. This gives customers a better understanding of project outcomes and allows them to make changes before the renovation begins. As a result, it prevents costly changes after the renovation is completed and keeps the clients engaged throughout the process.

Also, AR enables contractors to closely examine the details and components of the kitchen and bathroom. This foresight reduces cost overruns, identifies potential plan mistakes, and prevents schedule delays.

It uses the camera and GPS to provide real-time data geospatially. It also updates and displays the entire design as the user moves within their kitchen.

So the customer will be able to see which appliance will be placed where, how the cooking area will look, how much space will be left, and everything in between. The AR innovations are accelerating immensely, and business leaders recognize their importance and benefits. It’s the future that is going to bring revolution to the world.

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