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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

New Digital Course: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence In Medicine And Healthcare

New Digital Course: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence In Medicine And Healthcare

We’re happy and proud to announce the launch of another major project we have been working on this past year: the Introduction To Artificial Intelligence In Medicine And Healthcare online course is now live. 

The impact AI will have on our everyday and professional lives can only be compared to the changes the Internet has brought to the world. We are at the dawn of a new era and our capabilities will be hugely enhanced by algorithms, machine- and deep learning. 

At The Medical Futurist and The Medical Futurist Institute, we designed this course to provide a crystal-clear overview of the role artificial intelligence (AI) can play in medicine and healthcare.

We aim to support those that want to be ahead of the curve of AI’s progress and contribute to the implementation of this exciting yet dangerous technology.

Who is the course for?

It is intended for everyone who can professionally or financially benefit from a better understanding of current AI trends in healthcare and medicine and being able to better predict the next ones.

The course describes the definition, the major concepts, the levels, the most popular methods, risks and potential benefits of AI being used for medical and healthcare purposes. It is a  practical course about how artificial intelligence could and should be implemented into the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare.

Why is it important to learn about AI? 

As healthcare continues to evolve and technology advances, understanding AI has become increasingly important. Here are a few examples of the changes we will witness in the coming years:

Improved Patient Outcomes: AI can help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions leading to better patient outcomes. For example, AI can assist in early diagnosis and treatment planning, helping to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Better Management of Data: The amount of data generated in healthcare is enormous, and AI can help healthcare professionals manage it more effectively. By automating data analysis and processing, AI can help healthcare professionals make sense of large amounts of data and use it to improve patient care.

Increased Efficiency: AI can help streamline processes, reducing the time and effort required to perform routine tasks. This frees up healthcare professionals’ time to focus on providing more personalised care to patients.

Competitive Advantage: As the use of AI in healthcare continues to grow, those who are knowledgeable about this technology will have a competitive advantage in their careers.

Overall, understanding AI is becoming increasingly important as it has the potential to transform the industry. It is a valuable skill to have in 2023 and beyond.

What will you learn? 

Let’s start with what you will not learn: it will not be a place to learn to code, or to dive deep into how to develop a neural network.

This course offers a practical and in-depth understanding of the most important topics and issues surrounding the integration of AI in healthcare. From the benefits and challenges to the concepts and definitions, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

With a focus on hands-on learning, the course features a variety of engaging and informative content including explanatory videos, texts, infographics, and fun exercises. Whether you are already working in the healthcare industry or just looking to gain a deeper understanding of AI in medicine and healthcare, this course is the perfect way to take your knowledge to the next level.

One of the key goals of this course is to provide a balanced perspective on the potential of AI in healthcare. While it is easy to become overly excited or fearful about this breakthrough technology, our aim is to set expectations right and provide a clear and realistic vision of what AI can and cannot do in the field.

A sneak peek into the content of the course

Chapter 1 (Welcome to Introduction to Artificial Intelligence In Medicine And Healthcare) will be a gentle intro to the course, it guides you about what to expect, how to navigate the course, and a general introduction to the topic.

Chapter 2 (How have we got from computer programs to artificial intelligence?) will among others explain what AI is, how to differentiate between a regular algorithm and AI, the levels of AI, and we’ll also discuss whether we should fear it or not.

Chapter 3 (How does AI work?) will be the most “hardcore” part of the entire course. We’ll dive deeper into how AI works, you will learn the basics about machine- and deep learning and the various techniques of how these models are trained, and what we can use them for.  

Chapter 4 (The impact of AI on healthcare) explores the impact of AI on healthcare, from what can and can’t be automated to the amazing potential this technology will bring. We’ll go on with mapping out the risks and challenges of the AI era.

Chapter 5 (How can we facilitate AI’s transition into the medical practice?) will explore all facets of the healthcare spectrum. We’ll discover how this paradigm shift will affect healthcare workers, patients, regulators and businesses and how we can prepare for it. 

Chapter 6 (How to start to embrace AI now?), the closing chapter of the course circles around the changes AI will bring in the future of healthcare and medicine, and where you can start to tap into this new world. 

With a total of 3 hours of video content and 48 lessons through the 6 chapters, I promise you will get a thorough understanding of what lies ahead and how to relate to the upcoming changes.  

But most importantly, I hope you will enjoy doing the course with me and will find this course useful. Let’s begin our journey into the future of AI in medicine and healthcare!

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