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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Roposo Creates Augmented Reality Feature for Richer Social Media Content - BW Disrupt

Roposo Creates Augmented Reality Feature for Richer Social Media Content – BW Disrupt

Focused on rapid growth, social media platform Roposo has introduced a flood of new updates and content enhancement features to revitalise itself. Users can now create distinctly creative, fun content with the use of a highly specialised augmented reality feature.

In a first, Roposo has introduced 3D texts, images, and stickers that will allow users to draw, write messages, and pin stickers to their videos to create a hyper-realistic illusion to amp up the fun quotient. The new 3D graphics can be pinned to any object on the screen, which will then continue to stick to the object, irrespective of the movement of the device. Currently this feature is live for iOS users and would be available for android users soon. With these exciting motion-tracking stickers, Roposo has introduced augmented reality technology to the Indian audiences and provided a platform for a new wave of creativity from the users.

Along with the introduction of AR, Roposo has also launched a host of exciting video creation tools – a set of shoot-and-edit tools for the users to improve the aesthetics and quality of their videos. Creation tools comprise a set of two features – Touch Magic which allows users to bring the screen alive by adding specific animated emoticons that can be scaled, rotated and placed on any part of the video. Along with this, the platform has also introduced Video Timeline and editing options that enable users to add animations to their videos while shooting them. This tool helps the users to stitch different videos and gives them a proper start and an end with video transitions.

A brand of Relevant E-solutions headquartered in Gurgaon, Roposo is the brainchild of three IIT Delhi alumni, Mayank Bhangadia, Avinash Saxena and Kaushal Shubhank.

Bhangadia, cofounder, and CEO, Roposo said, “We at Roposo, are constantly trying to provide our users with the best of engagement options and the use of 3D AR features is in line with that vision. With 3D graphics, users can make their posts and conversations a lot more interesting and engaging. We believe our latest endeavour will further drive Roposo to its rapidly expanding user-base.”

The launch comes as a development in the platform’s phase 2.0, in which Roposo aims to bring Indian users together on a social platform on different interest areas including fashion, music, food, travel, and many more. Witnessing a steady rise since the launch of version 2.0, the app currently claims 8 million users, 15 million screen views per day, and 30 lakh monthly posts. With a highly diversified content base, numerous social influencers as members and a plethora of engaging activities to choose from, Roposo aims to democratise the online content space through innovation.

After starting out as a fashion social network, Roposo has pivoted to become a mainstream social media platform for all interests and field where people express themselves visually with homemade videos and photos. The app hopes to offer a seamless browsing experience with user-generated channels. Users can watch what is relevant to them and at the same time connect with a wide audience from around the globe. With its post creation and editing tools, users can share their life, showcase their unrevealed talents, and voice their opinion on things that matter to them.

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