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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Steel Tanks in Augmented Reality & 3D

Steel Tanks in Augmented Reality & 3D

Steel Tanks in Augmented Reality & 3D

In August 2022, Bushmans launched a new 3D and augmented reality initiative for some of its most popular poly water tanks. Here is a quick recap if you are asking, ‘what is AR or augmented reality? Augmented reality is when a computer or phone creates an interactive experience in a real-world environment. This is usually a visual and auditory experience. However, there are AR experiences that can involve triggering multiple senses. Essentially, most AR experiences utilise your phone’s camera to generate a digital object in the real world that can be seen through your phone camera.

The Bushmans Augmented Reality Water Tanks launch video can be viewed here and the initial 3D and Augmented Reality launch blog read here. Since the launch there has been a very positive response to being able to manipulate the tanks and spin them around to see every aspect of the tank in 3D. Also, being able to place the rainwater tanks in their intended environment virtually through a phone via augmented reality has been popular. The positive response has led Bushmans to model some of the popular Aqualine steel water tanks  in 3D and augmented reality.

Introducing the Aqualine steel tank range into augmented reality and 3D lets the viewer check out every aspect of an Aqualine steel rainwater tank and place it in a given environment digitally. The most popular Aqualine steel water tank is the ASL100 100,000 litre tank, which was the perfect steel tank to have modelled first. Once we were happy with the 3D model aesthetics, we rolled out the rest of the most popular steel tanks into 3D.

Click the links below to check out the new steel water tanks in 3D and AR:

ASL20 20,000 litre steel water tank
ASL80  80,000 litre steel water tank
ASL100 100,000 litre steel water tank
ASL125 125,000 litre steel water tank
ASL150 150,000 litre steel water tank
ASL360 360,000 litre steel water tank

We also received some requests for our other quality poly rainwater tanks in 3D and augmented reality. We are happy to announce the release of the TSL200 super slimline water tank in 3D and augmented reality. Plus, we released some of our other high quality poly rainwater tanks in 3D: the TXD2200 10,000 litre squat water tank, TXD6500 30,000 litre water tank and the T10500 46,400 litre water tank.

Click the links below to check out the new poly water tanks in 3D and AR:

TSL200 1000 litre slimline water tank (only available in SA & VIC)
TXD2200 10,000 litre round squat water tank
TXD6500  30,000 litre round water tank
T10500  46,400 litre round water tank.

We look forward continuing to innovate our website and features available for customers to be able to interact with our tanks. In the coming months we will prepare the rest of our major poly tanks and steel tanks to have 3D and augmented reality capability.

If you are interested in enquiring about a quality water tank after trying our augmented reality give us a call on 1800 008 888 or fill out a contact form below and one of our friendly tank specialists will be in touch.

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