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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Teleport: Elevating the Web3 Community Through Its Innovative Use of Augmented Reality

Teleport: Elevating the Web3 Community Through Its Innovative Use of Augmented Reality

Despite being one of the most advanced forms of technology, augmented reality remains highly underutilized. In fact, many assume that it is only used in the entertainment space, predominantly seen in video games and social media filters. But in reality, AR has the impressive capacity to be integrated into the real world through more useful applications. Cognizant of this, a team of movers and shakers have created a one-of-a-kind project that showcases the versatility and value of augmented reality: Teleport.

The Teleport platform is a mobile application where users can create content and interact with their digital assets (NFTs) by using the Teleport AR Camera. One of Teleport’s offerings are PORTALS, which are digital gateways to new and exciting 360° immersive virtual and real world experiences. Once a user owns a PORTAL, they are able to add different types of metaspaces like 360° images, 360° videos, 360° Live Streaming, 3D rendering of physical locations, metaverses, games, and more.

However, breathtaking designs do not make the project truly stand out. Instead, what sets it apart from the rest is its dedication to providing token holders with unrivaled utility. This commitment is evident through the venture’s Web 3.0 social media application that integrates 360 videos and images with augmented reality or AR technology.

As project creators excellently explained, “We have a functioning app bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. We have a self-sufficient ecosystem where content creators have complete creative control over their Portals and how to use their digital assets. We have created a platform for both users and content creators to engage in the web3 space. We are not simply an NFT project; we are an App/Tech company engaging the Web3, NFTs, and Crypto space.”

Through this state-of-the-art platform, Teleport holders can mint, trade, showcase NFTs using augmented reality, and display them in PORTALS, a futuristic metaspace. Not only that, but these Teleport PORTALS also provide the community access to numerous virtual worlds such as metaverses, games, art galleries, conference centers, ecommerce stores, real-world locations, live events, and many others. 

To take things one step further, Teleport has created an easy way for content creators to monetize their assets with the introduction of Port Tokens. Port is a blockchain-based utility token used in the Teleport ecosystem as the basis of rewards and transactions. PORT tokens can be used to trade digital collectibles, buy online tickets to access portals and live events in the Teleport marketplace, and more. Port tokens can also be used by brands to promote content and engagements in the Teleport ecosystem. Port is currently listed on BitMart and Teleport plans to be listed on more major exchanges before the end of the year.

This remarkable app that ingeniously integrates augmented reality with NFTs is the first of its kind in the world. Because of this, the venture was selected as the featured partner for the upcoming W3BX or Web 3.0 Expo. The highly awaited event will take place at the luxury hotel Wynn in Las Vegas from October 10 to 13.

Through its determination to push the boundaries of the NFT space, Teleport has undoubtedly raised the bar for upcoming projects and ventures. At the helm of this revolutionary enterprise are co-founders David Myung and Ounie Phakousonh. 

The movers and shakers proudly shared what motivated them to pursue this incredible concept. “Entrepreneurial mindset drove us to create something that filled a need. We saw a lack of 360 live streaming platforms as well as no robust features for digital assets (NFTs) and figured out a way to fill the gaps with our platform,” the duo explained. 

As Teleport NFT continues to make waves in the crypto scene, it intends to continue its goal of providing value to the NFT community. Specifically, it plans to find even more ways to incorporate augmented reality into Web 3.0, thus elevating the space to even greater heights.

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