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The Engo 2 Connected Sunglasses Revolutionize Augmented Reality for Fitness

The Engo 2 Connected Sunglasses Revolutionize Augmented Reality for Fitness

Endurance athletes monitor a lot of data when training and in competition. Power output. Heart rate. Speed. Distance traveled. Elevation game. Getting A to B is far more a numbers game, especially when you’re trying to be as efficient in each pedal or stride as possible.

You know what’s not efficient? Slowing your pace to look down at your phone, smartwatch or cycling computer to see your data points. This takes away from your progress, and it could mean all the difference when competition comes around.

Engo Eyewear, makers of some of the best connected eyewear for endurance athletes, has been at the forefront of eliminating these stalling instances, with heads-up display built right into the brand’s performance sunglasses. Pushing the limits even further, Engo has just announced its new silhouette — the Engo 2 — one that’s lighter and more advanced than ever before.

Here’s what’s new in these frameless specs that continue to blur the line between tech, training and style.

The Engo 2 enables instant data reading while weighing less than two AA batteries

The latest performance sunglasses take full use of the ActiveLook HUD nosepiece unit, which displays your speed, heart rate, power and more with the AMOLED display in your right eye across the photochromic lenses, which adapt to light conditions for crystal clear visibility. A projected 12-hour battery life also ensures you’re able to train from dawn to dusk without your data leaving your sight. You’d think this tech-riddled feature was cumbersome, but the nosepiece unit weighs just 13 grams.

The Engo 2 is available in two sizes. Small-sized frames clock in at a minuscule 36 grams, while Large shades total 41 grams. For reference, the previous iteration — the Engo 1 — had just one size option and weighed 42 grams. This featherweight profile helps improve comfort while still providing plenty of heavy-hitting technology.

Configure your data field to your liking, and control it with a simple hand wave

Of course, not every data point is going to be relevant to every athlete. Thankfully, the Engo 2 allows you to customize your data fields through the companion ActiveLook app for personalized displays. If you’re a true data hound and want everything in front, you’re even able to set up multiple screens and toggle through them with a simple hand gesture. Wave your hand or finger across your eye and swipe through your points for real-time, on-the-go analysis.

“The ActiveLook 2.0 technology embedded in the Engo 2 gives users greater ability to customize the data projects into their field of view based on what is most useful to them,” says Engo Eyewear CEO Eric Marcellin-Dibon.

The Engo 2 is compatible with a number of your favorite digital training tools

Through a simple Bluetooth pairing, the Engo 2 is able to connect to your trusted smartwatches, phones and cycling computers. Currently, you’re able to connect to iPhone, Android and Garmin devices, but according to the brand, there are plans to update compatibility with the Apple Watch, as well as Suunto watches and bike computers, in the future.

Where to buy the Engo 2

Currently, the Engo 2 is available for pre-order on the brand’s site. Available in the aforementioned sizes, you’re able to choose between a white or black frame colorway for roughly $330. While it might seem expensive for a pair of performance sunglasses, this latest Engo silhouette is a bargain, especially when compared to the Engo 1’s $397 price tag.

According to the brand, a limited amount of pre-orders are available, with an expected ship date in September 2022. See your training in a new light and don’t let data cloud up your progress with these innovative, lightweight shades.

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