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TikTok Creators in the Philippines for Financial Advice (Investments, Cryptocurrency, and NFT Tips!)

TikTok Creators in the Philippines for Financial Advice (Investments, Cryptocurrency, and NFT Tips!)

Before TikTok got the best of me, I saw it as nothing but a nuisance. I even mocked my younger relatives for using the app. They were always dancing and role-playing around their phones. So childish, I would think. 

Today, TikTok’s short and entertaining video clips have hooked almost everybody. The Gen-Z domination in the form of TikTok in the Philippines is rolling strong. We’re all getting reeled in. Consequently and fortunately, content related to “adulting” has also made its stride in the app. This video-sharing platform is now a good source, even for Pinoy TikTokers seeking financial advice, crypto-related content, and NFT matters.

Top TikTok influencers in the Philippines for financial advice and investment tips

Dance choreographies and movie scripts aren’t the only things you can learn on TikTok. Adults who want to increase their financial literacy and get tips on saving money can find helpful clips on the app, too. Simply search #FinTok or #MoneyTok, and you’re in for years’ worth of financial advice. From being street-smart to learning how to get your first million, these TikTok influencers can be your online gurus. 

1. Yani Moya

what is financial freedom for you? #yourfinancialcoach #financialfreedom #financetok ♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

Podcaster, Youtuber, and FinTok PH icon Yani Moya is a reliable source of personal finance and investment advice. She gives helpful tips on achieving the financial freedom we all yearn. If you’re looking for low-risk investments with minimal capital requirements, check her videos first! In addition, Yani regularly shares her insights and experiences on making more money, saving more of it, and spending less.

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2. Paolo Castro

Reply to @hsyckbkvudyfigjvj THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF INVESTING💰 Interested to know more how to invest? Check out my beacons page, link in my bio. #2022ismyyear #LearnOnTikTok #finance101 #TikTokSkwela #edutok #EduWow #motivationph #paolocastro #MVPfinancials ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Want to learn from an expert investment consultant? Coach Paolo Castro is your guy. Most of his videos focus on motivating people to invest rather than save, a fundamental principle in financial management. With over two million likes on TikTok, this Pinoy Tiktoker has evidently helped a lot of Filipinos. He also offers private mentorships outside of TikTok. 

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3. Bea Pelayo

CHEAPEST na life insurance – here’s the catch! #tiktokskwela #edutokph #finance101 #adulting #onlyexpertknows #eduwow ♬ original sound – Bea | The Savvy Pinay

Insurance consultants are among the best financial advisers, and their pieces of advice are often genuine and honest. The best example is Bea Pelayo: an entrepreneur and a Sun Life Financial Advisor who took her expertise to TikTok. While most of her videos tackle insurance plans, she also shares her tips on banking and taxes.

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4. Nik Madriñan

Why I don’t follow THIS budgeting method… #moneytokph #budgetingtips #budolfinds #financialadvice #budgeting101 #moneyadvice ♬ original sound – NIK, MoneyMindset Coach 🇵🇭

Most financial literacy lessons tell us to invest money, save for emergencies, and spend minimally. Nik goes beyond that. Check out her page if you’d like to hear about the common misconceptions about saving and spending. Nik is also a Money Mindset Coach who regularly offers free training programmes and one-on-one sessions with clients.

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5. Kathreen Carillo

Reply to @username868706121391294 ♬ original sound – Zaniya&lt3

Looking for online work and business opportunities? Take a look at Kathreen’s TikTok page. She posts videos on online job openings regularly. Not only that, but she also shares tips on how to sell yourself to hirers and land most of your job applications. Kathreen is a social media savant as well. If you need help in online marketing, her videos could be your guiding light. She also creates content about school hacks, which is popular with her followers on TikTok in the Philippines.

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Top TikTok creators in the Philippines to follow for cryptocurrency tips

TikTok is now a go-to app if you’re looking for cryptocurrency’s latest news. We know that in this digital industry, time is of the essence. Market values change on a daily basis, and some market movements happen drastically in a matter of minutes. TikTok solves that equation. With a quick swipe up, you can view the latest updates and trends. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in cryptocurrency, you shouldn’t miss these TikTok influencers. 

6. Jan Ocampo

Reply to @slender.d5 magsugod namo ug crypto? #thepresentph ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The Present PH CEO Jan Ocampo shares valuable insights on the basics of cryptocurrency. From talking about stock market values to sharing crypto-friendly banks, this Cebuano TikToker will help you overcome your hesitations about investing in the digital currency. Other than cryptocurrency, he also discussesalternative investments in businesses and small-scale negosyos.

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7. Samuel Uy

What 100k in one day looks like #nft #trading #eth #bitcoin #crypto ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

The younger generation knows a lot more than we give them credit for. Take Samuel Uy, for instance. He’s still in his youth, but his knowledge of coding and cryptocurrency seems to already be at a professional level. Watch his video on What 100k in one day looks like and be amazed at how a student protege earned six figures in a single day.

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8. Archie Lim

Monsta Infinite is a scam/slow rug. DO NOT BUY. LoA and Facebox as well. #fyp #fy #financeph #cryptocurrencyph #edutokph #investph #cryptoph ♬ original sound – Archie Lim

In cryptocurrency, one of the major concerns putting traders on high alert are scam projects. Archie Lim, an expert in the crypto industry, promotes transparency in his TikTok Videos. In some of his clips, he even called out numerous shady crypto companies such as Monsta Infinite and the recently rug-pulled Surf Shark Society. So if you’re planning to invest in crypto, best visit his TikTok page first to learn about blacklisted and suspicious companies.

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Top Pinoy TikTokers to follow for NFT tips

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have existed for about a decade already, but they just gained traction in 2021. More recently, NFT influencers have hopped into this trend. If you’re new to the idea of this digital artwork industry, these influencers will be helpful in your journey to making money in NFTs.

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9. Giu Comia

Ano nga ba ang NFT? 🤔 #nft #nftph #nftmarketph #nftpinas #nfts ♬ Saturday Night – Radio Edit – Whigfield

Giu Comia is a TikTok vlogger and streamer who also gives tips on NFTs. He happens to collect NFTs; recently, he even got his hands on a Pugad Baboy artwork! 

Giu also shares valuable 101s and how-tos in the world of NFT. He often concludes his videos with his motto for his followers on TikTok Philippines: You can sell now or hold, but profit is profit.

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10. Juan Quilantang

free 500k nft #nft #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto #nftgames ♬ original sound – JQCrypto

Want to get inspired to make a profit through NFT? Check out JQCrypto’s TikTok page. In one of his videos, he shares how he managed to earn ₱500,000 on a single artwork that he originally got for free. 

Unlike other known influencers, Juan doesn’t offer mentorship programs. However, by watching his videos, you’d know that he’s an expert in the business, and you can learn a lot about NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

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11. Marvin Favis

Reply to @az2720 NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN, pwede ka din mag earn, pro for more info visit Marvin Favis youtube, God Bless🙏🏻 #nft #binance #opensea ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

With over 600 thousand followers and four million likes on TikTok Philippines, Marvin has earned his keep as one of the top NFT Pinoy Tiktokers. If you’re looking for a trustworthy content creator on NFTs, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Marvin was included in the Crypto PH Team during the Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai. On top of that, he also has a YouTube silver plaque following his 300 thousand subscribers on the platform. Make sure to check his TikTok regularly: He posts IGO (initial game offering) updates, which investors often look for.

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While TikTok has always been viewed as an entertainment platform, users and creators have used it to create educational content. Just by watching short clips, we can grow our bag of financial tricks. If you’re still sleeping on TikTok, I won’t blame you! It’s really not for everyone. But should you ever decide to get on board, don’t forget to follow these financially savvy content creators!

Featured image credit (L-R): Yani MoyaGiu Comia| Official Instagram Pages

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