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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Top 5 Mobile Augmented Reality Examples of 2020 - Aircards

Top 5 Mobile Augmented Reality Examples of 2020 – Aircards

We’ve seen a significant rise in the use of Mobile Augmented Reality throughout 2020, as businesses and brands have had to pivot their marketing efforts to cater to a lack of high street footfall, traditional marketing opportunities and ability for face-to-face networking. In this list, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite mobile augmented reality examples so far this year (list below)…

What Is Mobile Augmented Reality?

Mobile Augmented Reality, often referred to as Web-Based Augmented Reality (Web AR) is the use of Augmented Reality technology without the need for an app. Web AR experiences launch from within any standard iOS or Android mobile web browser and can be activated using the standard device camera.

This results in a highly intuitive experience that gets consumers to engage with your brand in less than three taps on their phone. If you couple this streamlined user flow with clear Call-to-Actions within the experience, you can increase sales and enquiries by driving highly engaged traffic to destinations of your choice. 

So without further ado, here’s the Top 5 Mobile AR Examples of 2020:

1. Unilever Mobile AR Careers Fair Event

Unilever owned-brand Pot Noodle launched a virtual careers fair event due to their live event being unable to take place because of lockdown. Pot Noodle opted for an mobile Augmented Reality version of their careers fair, so that students could access the virtual event from their own home during lockdown.

Students accessed the web-based augmented reality careers fair by clicking the link on the Pot Noodle event landing page. Once they tapped the link to activate the experience, students could place the 3D careers fair booths, including a DJ spinning tracks within their own environment.

After browsing through each of the available booths, students could click through to apply for the associated careers.

2. Mobile Augmented Reality Sunglasses Try-On

This web-based Augmented Reality experience is a great example of how eCommerce brands can use the technology to increase sales through enhanced product engagement.

Customers can browse through the different frame and lens colors to see which combination suits them most. This type of 3D product try-on is available to almost every product-based business. Companies like Aircards can take your existing product suite and convert it into a 3D showcase which customers can either virtually try on, or place in their home. 

Dell Technologies Immersive Cinema Portal

Dell Technologies launched this awe-inspiring experience to give customers a fully immersive, 360 degree cinema screen that they could place in their own environment. Customers could place the 3D booth in their gardens and then proceed to walk into the booth using their iOS or Android device.

Combining mobile augmented reality with outstanding creative content like this gives customers a completely unique and unforgettable experience. 

The Motley Fool Mobile Augmented Reality Postcard

The Motley Fool deployed this AR postcard as part of a Direct Mail campaign to target existing customers about a newly released product offering. By using Web-based Augmented Reality, The Motley Fool were able to achieve outstanding engagement rates and results that completely blew traditional forms of marketing out of the water. 

You can view the full Motley Fool Web AR case study for more information on this campaign. 

Alnwick Garden AR Leaflets

Popular UK-based Tourist Attraction, Alnwick Gardens used Mobile Augmented Reality to transform their standard leaflet design into a dynamic and engaging piece of print marketing. 

Customers that have never experienced the Gardens were able to point their mobile camera at the leaflet and watch it come to life with a promo video to show off how brilliant the garden grounds really are.

Mobile Augmented Reality Leaflets

This is an example of a traditional business using cutting-edge technology to improve their marketing efforts. 

Mobile Augmented Reality Providers

mobile augmented reality marketing

The Aircards team have a wealth of mobile augmented reality (Web AR) development experience, having created and deployed campaigns for a wide selection of Fortune 500 companies. Their impressive client roster includes the likes of Dell Technologies, Pot Noodle, Nationwide Insurance and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Aircards clients get access to in-depth analytic reporting which provides the deepest level of campaign performance analysis. If you’re looking to deploy a mobile Augmented Reality experience that delivers outstanding results, head over and take a look at the different mobile AR marketing use-cases or get in touch with the expert team to take advantage of a free consultation.

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