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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Top 6 Innovative and Real Uses for Augmented Reality - Your Charisma B.V. | Digital Marketing Agency

Top 6 Innovative and Real Uses for Augmented Reality – Your Charisma B.V. | Digital Marketing Agency

     1. Display and Discuss NFTs

NFTs are already big news, but when you have purchased one, what do you do with it? Today’s art aficionados that are purchasing NFTs have the opportunity to create a gallery in the metaverse and display all of the digital art they collect. These galleries make it possible to connect with others who are interested in NFTs, buy and trade NFTs, and a lot more. Anyone can get started creating their own gallery, which can then be visited by anyone in the world.

     2. Create and Showcase Designs

Designs are constantly being created, whether it’s a design for a new building or a design for a renovation. Looking at it on paper gives the intended owner more information about what it will look like, but it can be hard to really visualize everything. With augmented reality, it’s possible to use an AR headset and view what it will look like overlayed in real life. When designing a renovation, for instance, it’s possible to actually look around the kitchen and see what it’ll look like with new cabinets, flooring, and more.

     3. Retail

Retail stores are starting to use augmented reality to help encourage more sales, and a headset isn’t even required. Users can open the camera app on their phone and look through that to see how something might look in their home—shopping for a sofa? See how it actually looks in the family room before buying it and getting it set up. Need new clothes? Use a mirror and the camera to virtually try on clothes and see how they’ll look before buying them.

Picture Source: Pexels

     4. Education

There are plenty of educational uses for augmented reality, though there is still a lot to try out and create. Teachers may have lesson plans with augmented reality that allow students to use AR headsets to view more information about what’s in front of them. On-field trips, students can use AR to learn more about everything around them, providing a better educational experience no matter where they go.

     5. Tourism

Tourism has a variety of opportunities where augmented reality can be used. Tourists can virtually check out locations before heading on their trip, enabling them to determine what they want to see and to learn more about the attractions before they visit. Once in a new location, AR can be used to learn more about local landmarks, to get directions, or get information about places to visit.

     6. Emergency Situations

The handling of emergency situations is improving as more knowledge becomes available. AR can help with this, as well. Using augmented reality may become a way for anyone to view ways to get out of an area safely. Or, allow people in an emergency to find resources they need, such as medics or firefighters. In larger buildings, AR can be used to show how to get out of the building when elevators aren’t working or it’s not possible to see. This can help get more people to safe locations faster, saving lives.

There is a long way to go with the development of augmented reality. However, there are many uses for augmented reality in enhancing the world today. From the NFT galleries that can be created right now to the potential to save lives in the future. Augmented reality is providing amazing opportunities for just about anyone, from students to professionals or the average person.

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