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University of Maryland Global Campus to Pilot Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Environments | UMGC Global Media Center

University of Maryland Global Campus to Pilot Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Environments | UMGC Global Media Center

Some Fall Classes to be Offered Via Immersive Technologies

Adelphi, MD (April 5, 2022) — University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), a pioneer of online education with a history of exploring innovative learning solutions, has partnered with VictoryXR, a global leader in creating learning environments through immersive technology, in a pilot program that will use virtual and augmented reality in classes in the fall term.

UMGC is one of 10 schools in the initial phase of the program that will implement a “digital twin campus” for students, whether they are enrolled in a face-to-face class or studying online.

Using an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset or a personal computer, students will enter a “metacampus” and interact with instructors and fellow students in a classroom experience. Students can form small groups and work on projects together, regardless of where they are located.

“This is an opportunity to be a leader and early pioneer in leveraging the metaverse, which will represent a radical paradigm shift in online education and the end-to-end learner experience,” said Doug Harrison, vice president and dean of the School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology at UMGC. “Our partnership with VictoryXR represents another step toward creating broader access to higher education and strengthening the connection between students, faculty and other stakeholders, including success coaches, advisors, student services representatives, and other external academic and business partners.” 

The partnership was funded, in part, by Meta Immersive Learning (NASDAQ: FB). Meta will provide Quest 2 headsets during the project on each campus as well as funding for the digital twin buildouts. Each campus is built by VictoryXR on the EngageVR platform (LON: EXR). 

“Metaverse education is taking hold at American colleges and universities in a big way, and this fall’s cohort finds some big names planning to roll out digital twin campuses,” said Steve Grubbs, VictoryXR CEO. 

In addition to UMGC, other partner schools include Morehouse College, University of, Kansas School of Nursing, New Mexico State University, South Dakota State University
West Virginia University, University of Maryland Global Campus, and Southwestern Oregon Community College. Additional metaversities will be released in May.

About University of Maryland Global Campus

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) was established in 1947 to serve adult students outside the traditional campus, including military service members and veterans. Today, UMGC enrolls some 90,000 students annually, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, as well as certificates in more than 90 fully online programs and specializations.

UMGC was the first university to send faculty overseas to teach active-duty military personnel at installations in Europe, beginning in 1949, expanding to Asia in 1956 and to the Middle East in 2005. UMGC faculty have taught in the war zones of Vietnam, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.   

UMGC now offers classes to military service personnel and their families at more than 180 locations in more than 20 countries. More than half of the university’s student body are active-duty military personnel and their families, members of the National Guard and veterans.  

About VictoryXR

VictoryXR is the global leader in metaverse education with active partners like Meta, Qualcomm and T-Mobile. VictoryXR pioneered the first metaversity with Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. VictoryXR won the Viveport award in 2018 for the best global VR education experience. 

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