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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Daz 3D x Palm: Creating a Sustainable, Community-Driven NFT Network - Daz 3D Blog

Daz 3D x Palm: Creating a Sustainable, Community-Driven NFT Network – Daz 3D Blog

At Daz 3D, we’re committed to supporting culture and creativity as we enter the Web3 era. That’s why we’re collaborating with the Palm Network — a sustainable EVM-compatible blockchain network — to help create a scalable, collaborative experience for creators and community members alike. 

We’re delighted to announce our role as a member of the Palm Creator Collective (PCC) Founding Committee, as well as our collaboration with Palm NFT Studio and Warner Bros. on the recently announced DC Bat Cowl Collection NFTs. 

A Community-Driven Platform and Best-In-Class NFT Studio

The Palm Network was launched with the vision of creating a community-driven foundation for a scalable and sustainable ecosystem for creators.

The Palm Network features fast, low-cost transactions and is over 99.9% more energy-efficient than “proof of work” systems (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum 1.0). The aim is to make NFTs easier and more efficient to use with flexibility to match the scope of artist creativity. 

Additionally, the Palm NFT Studio is leveraging the Palm Network to make waves in the NFT space thanks to a collective of industry veterans, including leaders from the technology, entertainment, cryptoart, and art fields. 

Daz 3D Joins the PCC Founding Committee

The first step toward empowering the Palm Network community is the formation of the Palm Creator Collective (PCC) — a DAO whose primary goal will be to create a community-driven ecosystem that can help onboard creativity (e.g., artists, projects, etc.) into the Palm Network. Daz 3D has joined the PCC Founding Committee to offer our unique perspective on the implementation of the PCC’s initial structure. 

We’re honored to contribute our expertise in the space to create an ecosystem that prioritizes a rewarding experience for creators and participants. 

“Palm’s vision for the future of Web3 and NFTs aligns perfectly with the values we’ve established for our own collections,” said Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer at Daz 3D. “Their decentralized, community-focused approach paired with an incredibly talented core team is sure to drive adoption and accessibility for both artists and enthusiasts in the space. We also have some surprises of our own planned for the network — more on that in the near future.” 

On Bringing 83 Years of Batman to the Metaverse

Not long after the release of The Batman, the biggest blockbuster hit of 2022, Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC, and Palm NFT Studio, announced the launch of their latest groundbreaking project: The Bat Cowl Collection. 

Palm NFT Studio and Daz 3D led the creative development and production of the Bat Cowl Collection, a series of 200,000 generative NFTs inspired by 83 years of Batman history. The Bat Cowl NFT launch provides a new opportunity for Batman and DC fans to engage with their favorite Super Hero and represents the first step into DC’s future metaverse. 

The collection takes the design and scale of generative 3D art to new heights and unlocks unprecedented VIP access to the DC Universe. Heed the call this spring

Learn More About the Palm Ecosystem 

Palm’s ecosystem values culture and creativity first, providing bespoke creative services for artists and rights holders looking to establish NFT marketplaces. We’re proud to contribute to the next-generation work on the Palm Network. 

To date, there are over 1,000,000 wallet addresses and more than 380 NFT contracts on the Palm Network, alongside more than 1.8 million minted NFTs. 

If you’re interested in Palm NFT Studio projects, check out more information about their initiatives on the Palm website

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