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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Using Augmented Reality On Social Media To Sell

Using Augmented Reality On Social Media To Sell

Augmented Reality (AR) has not followed the trajectory of growth and integration that was initially envisioned for it. Instead, it has taken a far more naturally developing and subtle path that has seen it meld and become immersed in aspects that weren’t originally considered as the forefront of Augmented Reality. To a social media management reseller, this means finding AR cropping up in more and more social media applications and selling touchpoints with the digital agency clients that are serviced. It also means discovering an entirely new vein of untapped and unlimited potential to explore. So how can your digital agency use AR on social media to sell? Let’s find out.

Use Branded Filters To Increase Engagement And Improve Brand Promotion

Face filters on platforms such as TikTok or Snapchat are incredibly popular, and when used right, a branded filter can elevate not only interaction levels (audiences see the branding on the filter and interact with the business), but it can offer new ways in which the brand interacts with their audience, no matter where they are. The right filter can trend on a viral scale and offer brand promotion unlike ever before.

The Try It Before You Buy It Approach

More and more customers want to see the digitization of the in-store experience. Trying something on to see how it will look can also increase the number of impulse buys (they see it as if they already own it and then add to cart to complete the experience). Seeing a virtual representation of the product that you can interact with allows customers to decide whether something ‘works’ or not, and they are more likely to try and then buy products if they can do so without having to be in the store physically.

Skyrocket Your Clients’ Engagement Levels By Providing Immersion Experiences

The length and quality of engagement in AR or Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are far higher than the engagement on a video or static image. Interactive engagement with advertising lends itself to total rejuvenation of the industry, ensuring that audiences feel more involved with a company than ever before.

Offer In-Person Value Through Virtual Spaces

Seeing the real-life effects of an action, for example, social upliftment campaigns such as “Experience Giving With Toms” or even creating a virtual leaderboard for brand rewards programs, can make the motivation to buy more persuasive and immediate. AR rethinks the interaction space since virtual offers far fewer physical limits such as distance or even gravity.

Elevate The Brick And Mortar Experience Through AR Support

Another AR strategy that affects social media is the use of AR within the actual physical store. This could be as simple as an installation that in-store visitors can enjoy (motivating more in-person traffic), or it could be a campaign that uses QR codes to trigger videos that users can watch on their phones in 3D.

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