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What are the Most Asked Augmented Reality Interview Questions?

What are the Most Asked Augmented Reality Interview Questions?

AR technology is a new exciting space for organizations to explore at present. In fact, the existing implementation of AR in businesses is taking fruitful shape in multiple ways. Due to this, demand for certified augmented reality developer professionals has been experiencing a boost as well. Major business giants, including Google, Apple, etc., also often seek individuals with augmented reality certification to hire to streamline their technical operations. But, for getting hired in such big companies, one needs to ace their interview rounds. Candidates should have a comprehensive knowledge of AR technology to prove their knowledge of the field. However, to help you out with it, we have compiled some of the most asked interview questions for AR, along with answers. So, please read below to explore them. 

What are AR libraries available on iPhone and Android?

These are: ARCore, ARFoundation, Wikitude, ARKit, Viro, OpenCV, ResightAR, OpenXR, 8th Wall, and Vuforia. 

Note:  You must be familiar with working with these libraries as an augmented reality expert

How augmented reality applications enhance the real world?

There are plenty of examples, and some of the popular ones are: 

You can learn about further potential applications of the technology through AR certification.

What are the different types of augmented reality?

What is the AR API in Android?

As per certified augmented reality developer experts, these are the available AR API in Android:

To learn in-depth about them, take up augmented reality certification that’s available. 

What are the prime benefits of augmented reality?

What separates augmented reality from mediated reality?

Though people use mediated reality and augmented reality interchangeably, one vital difference separates them from one another. Here, the difference lies in the manner they interpret the information they receive. On the one hand, MR shows you the view; you might want it to display through your command. On the other hand, AR gives you a view that you need to see depending on the surroundings. In simple words, it reads the surrounding area and then augments it accordingly.

What are the best-known apps for AR available?

As per augmented reality expert professionals as well as users, these are the best-known AR apps: 

What is the role of AR in educational sectors?

AR-based platforms are the backbone of many e-learning as well as e-commerce forums. Due to the AR applications, educational organizations are effectively leveraging their knowledge-sharing experience. Additionally, we can deem that AR technology poses as a need more than being a luxury. It is because e-learning can be accessible to students across the world. Hence, it becomes a key player in educating the maximum student population despite their geographical location. Also, it cuts down the expenses in the long haul, along with providing more advanced teachings. 

What do you know about the workings of augmented reality business cards?

The AR applications operate using a marker/image. It stimulates the interactions with the user when they point the marker with their phone or other devices’ camera. Here, the user needs a marker, i.e., a business card and a device that has a webcam. Further, users can add an AR marker to the AR card or can set their logo above a black border to use it as a marker. Next, this marker will be a medium to display users’ information. Aside from this, users can do so many things with the AR app. For example, automated display of addresses along with interactive maps, links to connect through phone calls or emails directly. Also, it can even create an interactive portfolio. Hence, we can say that the scope of possibilities with AR is endless. 


A career in augmented reality has a lot of potential to flourish due to its continuous adoption across industries. Mainly in areas of marketing and commerce, AR tools have been proving their usefulness and need. Hence, opt for a valuable AR certification program from a reliable resource and become a part of a consistently developing field. 

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