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18 Augmented Reality Trends in 2022 | Technostacks

18 Augmented Reality Trends in 2022 | Technostacks

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been noticing enormous growth since 2020. The commercial use of the technology has also been explored by the market leaders like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

By 2022, around 3.5 billion people will opt and use mobile augmented reality applications. These Augmented Reality statistics show how Augmented reality will become more popular and we will see more interesting augmented reality trends in upcoming years.

What is Augmented Reality, and why is it so vital?

Augmented Reality serves to superimpose an image onto a user’s view of the real world. Then it enhances it using sound, touch, and even smell. The interactive experience of a real-world environment by merging our environmental surroundings with digital information improves the user experience.

Most of the businesses and industries have taken the advantage of implementing the AR in their operations. We are a leading augmented reality app development company and have experience in working with diverse global clients. We are constantly tracking and aware of the latest advancements in augmented reality. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding the article or want to develop an AR app for your business.

In this article, you will come to know the top trends driving the Augmented reality market in 2022 and there have been proving to be some new trends in this field that will come into the picture by upcoming years. So, let us get started with the detailed discussion.

The number of users has also increased over the years. Augmented Reality Predictions for 2022 suggest there has been a driving force with the introduction of the publicly made street view photos by Google AR core.

Around 70 percent of consumers have mentioned that AR can bring them benefits. As long as the Android users have been using the AR core capable smartphone, Google will be accepting the submissions for the street view photos.

However, there is a need to understand certain quality guidelines. AR core has improved over the years, and Google is confident that the smartphones can take the necessary photos to incorporate with Google maps and add these images.

Augmented Reality Trends of 2022 suggest that technological elements, including Bluetooth, beacons, and QR codes, rely on AR.
However, in cases where there is a robust Wi-Fi network already existing at some point, the iPhone Augmented Reality turns out to be good enough for handling the indoor positioning by using the Wi-Fi RF pattern.

Navigation is ensuring the improvement greatly from the advancement in AR Technology. It is proving to be one of the best technologies helping customers find what they are looking for.

The October 2020 updates have also mentioned that Google announced several new features and the improvement of the Earth live view experience.

The integration between the live view and Google Maps location sharing is turning out to be one of the major Trends and will improve by 2022.

Also, the AR kit 4 Apple introduced lately works in the form of a powerful tool for outdoor air navigation that is referred to as Geo tracking and utilizes a street view for ensuring better positioning.

The current trends of Augmented Reality suggest that AR allows customers to get the try before you buy experience right from their home.

During the pandemic crisis, there has been a boost in the range of Augmented reality-based apps for convenience to the shopping and the retail sector.

The 2020 updates mention that 32% of consumers are using AR while shopping. Some possibilities are opening, and by 2022 AR-Enabled shopping and retail will be one of the Best Technologies worth embracing.

Augmented reality experience for the customers also increased because of the improved accuracy, ability for approximating to the real world.

Equipping the Employees with smart glasses will allow them to locate, scan and sort the warehouse inventory that can also increase productivity and keep an accurate list of items.

AR glasses sales will reach 410 thousand units in 2021, which will rise to 3.9 million by 2024.

These days there has been an advent in employing new employee orientation and training. Augmented reality market trends suggest using Augmented Reality will be helping in building their confidence.

Moreover, it can also ensure that they are well prepared for real-life scenarios. It’s worth noting that Augmented Reality isn’t limited to improving the internal company workflow. It can also be favorable for reinforcing the customer-facing processes.

We at Technostacks have successfully implemented AR for the healthcare industry. Check out here the Youtube video for the future of AR in healthcare.

In this way, the doctor or the nurses will also get a better idea regarding where to push in the needle. Thus, there will be fewer chances of discomfort for the patient. In the process, the utilization of Augmented reality Technology will ensure reduced pain by around 39%. Augmented reality top trends suggest doctors are using Augmented Reality to explain the patient’s conditions better.

Also, it can ensure helping the patient understand the situation by simplifying the difficult medical terms. During the surgery, the surgeons can have the patient records within reach. The latest trends of augmented Reality suggest that medical professionals are often considering the utilization of Augmented Reality for the preparation of the surgery phase.

By 2025, healthcare AR is expected to increase dramatically to 4.64 billion U.S. dollars. Surgeons always use it for the checklist and the walkthrough of the organs they need to work on.

Also, similar other companies are utilizing the dashboard-mounted display and the other overlay Graphics on the camera footage so that it will be helping in getting the transparent look behind the trailer your vehicle is pulling. When it comes to the more advanced level, car manufacturers are utilizing Augmented Reality in the showrooms to provide the buyers with the test drive of the car before making a purchase.

Toyota has implemented an Augmented reality experience that has also been a perfect one where the customers can click on the banner ad, and it will be taking them to see everything about the vehicle and also put them in the range of the environments like the driveway and also the long stretch of roads.

Being able to enable team meetings and helping the clients turns out to be essential for any workplace. In this regard, it can be said that Augmented Reality has been bridging the gap with the help of Augmented Reality. More platforms for online communications are also being supported by Augmented Reality.

With that, the users can get the opportunity to communicate with the gesture And the hand movements. Also, there is the utilization of global collaboration tools that has been using life-like pictures for remote users to give them the feeling that they are physically present during the meetings. You can also create a 3D mockup of the concert. So it is easier for you to visualize the project.

Solving complex objects is what Augmented Reality makes it easier for the students. Augmented Reality has also been assisting students with learning disabilities. The utilization of Augmented Reality makes the lessons more interactive and lets the students focus on blocking out the distractions.

Augmented Reality was available on more accessible hardware like smartphones that stores precise data about players. The degree of accuracy and realism is one of the major contributions of AR.

LiDAR provides people with occlusion that allows immersive AR experiences by allowing people in the frame to occlude virtual objects. LiDAR associated with more portable platforms suggests the development of more portable and comfortable head-mounted AR devices.

AR improves the company processes as well as customer experience. Increased use of smartphones and the prevalence of AR are allowing consumers to become more open to getting AR hardware.

AR helps users easily navigate through buildings and complexes. AR indoor navigation has proved to be very beneficial for a variety of businesses. Universities make it easier for company visitors to find buildings easily.

AR apps allow customers to look at the piece of furniture and how it looks inside the home. AR also ensures scanning dresses, makeup, and shoes. AR provides customers with information that isn’t possible for a brochure or flyer to provide. AR app also finds use on the business cards, showing the best way to access via LinkedIn, phone calls, or email.

Facebook, Snapchat, and Amazon have also been favouring the users’ experiences via the AR cloud. Events organization has been proving to be one of the essential elements of the AR Cloud. These apps also make it easier to track the location of tables, kiosks, and other relevant stations.

The customer gets the opportunity to improve, and consequently, there is a higher chance that the issue can be resolved easily. AR remote assistance is going to be very beneficial in the long run.

AR in banking offers a rich visualization of data and other services. Employees, as well as customers alike, benefit from the use of AR. It helps get a better view of banking operations. Also, it gives them ways to maximize savings, as well as investments.

AR app provides customers with the best guide in finding finance-approved properties, ATM locations, and dining offers within their city. AR systems for consumers are also quite beneficial in communicating with the bank tellers within a virtual space.

Future of Augmented Reality

Many industries are utilizing augmented Reality, thus offering the potential market for technology advancement. In Manufacturing, AR technology facilitates and accelerates the building processes. Digital maps and plants fit in the final construction.

Real estate uses AR technology for creating elaborative visual presentations and virtual tours that give property buyers more informed decisions. In Automotive, AR technology guarantees ease of use, customized features, and transparency.

In education, AR has a unique cognition path that guarantees to offer immersive real-life simulations. In Business, AR technology will change the shape of business. In Travel & Tourism, AR technology ensures providing enough insights of sightseeing. Additionally, it offers a layer of reality to museums, ensuring the user’s experience with new traditions and culture.

AR technology helps GPS trackers to find the destination of your trip and locate you most easily. In Marketing, AR technology is unique, giving customers to improve content quality. In retail, businesses rely on AR to provide a new level of interaction between the customers and business. The future of AR is a brighter one where there will be evolving technologies for making the experience stand out.

Key Takeaways

The future of AR is bright as plenty of the industries and businesses increase collaboration and develop new features that can help in overcoming challenges, and in the coming future, there will be a range of new opportunities that can benefit several other industries.

Augmented Reality has been influencing the different sectors from healthcare to real estate. The scopes of AR are tremendously increasing, and even billion-dollar companies such as Facebook are investing in it.

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