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5 Best augmented reality games for Android

5 Best augmented reality games for Android

The world is currently moving towards a rather interesting direction. Instead of one shared reality, many tech companies are trying to create their own shared reality, the metaverse, where you can live and experience a virtual world that combines various products and services together.

So imagine a company like Meta, where you can interact with each other using virtual reality, chat with each other within that virtual reality, play games, work together, and so on.

As part of that metaverse, we’re also seeing an increase in interest in tech such as augmented reality, which takes part of the virtual world and overlays it in the real world. It still feels kind of novel, but if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, then perhaps trying out some AR games could be one way to better understand what companies are trying to do, and here are some of the best ones we’ve found.

Pokemon GO

No list for AR games would be complete without mentioning Pokemon GO. Developed by Niantic, this is a game based on the very popular Pokemon franchise where players can walk around in real life and find Pokemon hidden all around their neighborhoods. By enabling AR, you can kind of get the feeling that you’re discovering actual Pokemon in the bushes in the park near your home, in your office, at school, in a mall and so on.

Pikmin Bloom

Similarly developed by Niantic together with Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom is very similar in concept to Pokemon GO that relies on players walking. It is a bit more chill compared to Pokemon GO where it’s an app that encourages you to walk and explore new areas, versus Pokemon GO where there are a bits of action elements involved.

The Walking Dead: Our World

Ever wonder what it would be like if the zombie apocalypse were to actually happen? Wonder no more because that’s what The Walking Dead: Our World is trying to simulate. The game uses your environment and overlays zombies who you have to attack and kill and try your best to survive. It is more fast-paced compared to Pokemon GO and Pikmin Bloom, perfect for players who love shooters and zombies.

  • Download The Walking Dead: Our World for Android and iOS

Kings of Pool

Want to play a game of pool but don’t have a pool table in your home? Normally this would be kind of a deal breaker, but not with Kings of Pool. The game actually features an AR mode which overlays a pool table on top of any flat surface in your home. This lets you pretty much set up a pool game wherever you are, whenever you want.

There is a regular mode that lets you play on your phone’s screen, but if you want a cool and more immersive experience, then AR mode is definitely worth checking out.

Batman Bat-Tech Edition

If you’re a fan of DC comics and in particular Batman, then the Batman Bat-Tech Edition is a game worth checking out. It is a relatively short game so don’t expect anything in-depth, but it is a fun way to utilize AR as the game uses your phone’s camera to help project parts of the game into the real world. It also uses AR to help create face filters and stickers that you can then decorate and make it your new profile photo.

  • Download Batman Bat-Tech Edition for Android and iOS

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