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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

6 Retail Brands Using Augmented Reality Really Well

6 Retail Brands Using Augmented Reality Really Well

We all shop online and sometimes we don’t always get what we expect! Have you ever bought a couch that ended up being WAY too big or just not quite look right in your space? Imagine how many returns you’ve made over the years because the item simply did not meet expectations. Augmented reality is helping solve that problem.

It is worth mentioning that many of these sprung up during 2020 when everybody had stay at home orders. If you tried to buy furniture around then, you’d know that everything was quickly on backorder! Here are 10 brands that are using AR to enhance the shopping experience to help you get exactly what you want.

This app lets you see furniture and decor in your own space. To take it to the next level, Room Decorator also lets you add MULTIPLE items at the same time so you can actually remodel your entire place in AR. You’re able to save these mockups under your Amazon account for later. This is a super handy tool considering that almost everyone has an Amazon Prime membership!

The great thing about AR is that is overlaps with the physical and digital world. That’s why this experience was so successful! Gucci let their customers “try on” their shoes to get a real sense of how they’d look once on. Fun fact: Gucci was the first luxury brand to integrate AR into their social media campaigns. Other brands have followed their lead after seeing their success.

Asos created an experimental AR experience called ‘See My Fit’ that showed 16 models ranging from size 4 to 18 wearing the same garment. The goal was to help customers find the right fit and reduce returns and exchanges since they generously offer those for free. It’s in trial mode so it’s not quite available everywhere yet.

A personal favorite! Anybody that’s ever painted their home knows how overwhelming and laborious it can be to find the right shade of paint. Dulux, a paint manufacturer, created an app that lets you see your walls painted in different colors using the Visualization app. Just point your device at your walls and see it for yourself!

This super useful app lets you try on different makeup to see how it would look on your own face before committing to the purchase. It also allows you to be experimental without having to go in the store and try everything on. The app also gives you little tips and tricks to help with application and get the most of your product.

Credit: Haus Von Eden

Similar to how Amazon’s Room Decorator works. It helps you visualize placement, size, scale and how it would look in your own space. There is no mention of saving rooms like Amazon so we believe it has less features than the Amazon Room Decorator app.

Now you can see what that desk would look like before you assemble it. Wayfair has rolled out a helpful app to see exactly what you’re getting. Their inventory is admittedly much larger than Ikeas so you have over 18 million pieces to pick from! This is particularly helpful when you want to buy everything from a single retailer instead of deal with multiple ones. Wayfair is known for their great customer service so this useful tool comes as no surprise.

The Target app has come a long way offering tons of value and convenience. Now you can also shop in AR for home furnishings to make sure everything fits and looks great! The all inclusive app lets you order for delivery, curbside pickup or in store pickup. That paired with their point system and random gift card rewards makes shopping at Target feel kind of like a game. Game on!

Credit: Target

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