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ASX Tech Stocks: Augmented reality contact lenses and Kleos nabs $10m for more data collecting satellites

ASX Tech Stocks: Augmented reality contact lenses and Kleos nabs $10m for more data collecting satellites

  • Mojo trials first augmented reality contact lenses on its own CEO
  • Kleos Space nabs $10m debt facility for its radio frequency data collecting satellites
  • Silex Systems teams up with Duke Energy to develop areas of mutual interest in the nuclear fuel supply chain

Californian company Mojo has trialled the first ever augmented reality (AR) capable smart contact lenses on its own CEO Drew Perkins.

“Much to my delight, I found I could interact with a compass to find my bearings, view images, and use an on-screen teleprompter to read a surprising but familiar quote,” he said.

“I experienced firsthand the future with Invisible Computing.”

The lenses allow you to control a microLED display measuring less than 0.5mm in diameter with a pixel-pitch of 1.8 microns – all with the movement of your eyes.

You don’t need to gesture or use controllers or a big clunky headset, and there’s even an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer that continuously track eye movements so that AR imagery is held still as the eyes move.

It’s all powered by wirelessly rechargeable micro batteries and they can even operate when your eyes are closed.

“We hope to see Mojo Lens change the lives of individuals with vision impairment by improving their ability to perform daily tasks that many of us take for granted,” Perkins said.

“I envision amateur and professional athletes wearing Mojo Lens so they can train smarter, stay focused, and reach peak performance.

“Ultimately, this is a tool that can give people an invisible assistant throughout their day to stay focused without losing access to the information they need to feel confident in any situation.”

But it will be a while before you can buy some, since Perkins is the only human who’s tried it, so more fine tuning, trials and an eventually Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval will be needed.

Who’s got tech news out today?


The space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data-as-a-service (DaaS) company has nabbed a four-year $10m debt facility with PURE Asset Management.

The company uses its satellites to collect radio transmissions (RF) data which is delivered to customers on a subscription basis.

The plan is to fund operations and expand beyond the 12-satellite constellation already in orbit as well as the four satellites due to launch in 2H 2022.

“Kleos is in a period of rapid growth, responding to market needs for greater situational awareness,” CEO Andy Bowyer said.

“Increasing global risks and conflicts have driven growth in demand for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data.

“With each new cluster of satellites we operate, we increase our data collection capacity as well as revenue generation opportunities.”


The semiconductor player has signed a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) between the exclusive licensee of its laser tech – Global Laser Enrichment (GLE) – and Duke Energy to develop areas of mutual interest and cooperation in the nuclear fuel supply chain.

Duke Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the US operating 11 major nuclear power units across six sites in North Carolina and South Carolina, generating nearly 11,000 megawatts of reliable, carbon-free electricity.

The deal includes supporting GLE’s deployment of the SILEX laser enrichment technology in the United States and the potential acceleration of commercialisation timelines.

“As the US Government ramps up initiatives to rebuild its domestic nuclear fuel supply chain and lessen its dependence on nuclear fuel imports, particularly from Russia, we anticipate GLE’s engagement with US nuclear power generators will help support the commercialisation of the SILEX technology,” CEO and MD  Michael Goldsworthy said.


The aerospace composite company has kicked off a jointly funded project with The Department of Defence to identify, analyse and test high temperature materials as a first step towards the development of future hypersonic aerostructures.

Hypersonic aerostructures are components of an aircraft’s airframe that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions experienced during hypersonic flight (>5 times the speed of sound), including high heat loads.

The project, called Hype-X, will focus on the applicability of existing high-temperature materials for the manufacture of hypersonic aerostructures, then move on to develop novel materials and manufacturing processes to fill capability gaps.

Quickstep will obtain commercialisation rights to any newly developed intellectual property (IP), with the IP ownership retained beneficially for Australia’s sovereign defence capability by DMTC Ltd.

The project will also involve technical experts from the University of NSW (UNSW), specialising in the field of hypersonics.


iCetana has signed a four-year software agreement for its video analytics solution to an existing customer in the Middle East who operates several shopping malls

The contract is valued at at US$132,000 (~$190,000) and the company says it reinforces the focus on building the number of cameras under iCetana licence, driving Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) as its most important financial metric.

Plus, apparently the customer says it has already detected several incidents that resulted in “concrete actionable response activities” over the past 12 months – including smoke caused by a fire event that was unreported until iCetana’s solution highlighted the incident to control room staff.


Sports, leisure and hospitality SaaS technology provider MSL Solutions has won a five-year point-of-sale (POS) contract with Stadiums Queensland for The Gabba and Suncorp Stadium.

It’s worth noting that the Gabba will be the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Stadium.

The company says the total contract value is more than $3.6m with a combination of upfront and recurring revenue including hardware, software, support and implementation.

KSS, SLX, QHL, ICE and MSL share prices today:


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