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Award-winning Toronto artist's new NFT collection is all about good vibes

Award-winning Toronto artist’s new NFT collection is all about good vibes

Toronto-based artist Andrew “Skooj” Skuja wants to make people happy with his art. His latest project with Blockchain Foundry (BCF)’s LastKnown NFT marketplace will definitely put a smile on people’s faces.

BCF recently announced that Skuja, better known as his creative persona “skooJAH,” is the second artist listed on the multi-chain NFT marketplace.

skooJAH’s “Babylon Misfits” will be released on in the near future, with time and date for the collection presale and public sales being announced on the marketplace’s social media soon.

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“Babylon Misfits” is made up of 1990 unique NFTs spotlighting a “tribe of extraordinary individuals” and “truly original non-conformists.” Each Misfit will be priced at 0.068 Ethereum.

“The Babylon Misfits is a collection of unique and odd-looking characters to bring a smile and a laugh to everyone who sees them,” said Skuja in an interview with Daily Hive. “They are all about good vibes and unity and were inspired by people I would see on my daily commutes on the Toronto subway and downtown. People who really stood out of the crowd because of their unique look or style.

“For years, I have been sketching, doodling and illustrating people with bug-eyed faces and weird characteristics. My first professional illustrations had people with weird eyes and shapes and were published in the 1990s, the reason for the collection amount.”

LastKnown will be hosting community-building events for their members with chances to win a whitelist spot for the “Babylon Misfits” collection and even a free NFT of the upcoming drop.

“This is my first NFT collection, and I love this medium,” shared Skuja. “I think what I like the most in creating NFTs is the newness of the medium and the ability to create something that has never been done before.

“I was a CD/designer in the early years of web and interactive design where I was always trying to push the boundaries of what could be done. Creating NFT art today gives me that same love of exploration but cranked up a notch. By creating a collection, you can really create more than just images. You can build a story, create a community and evolve all of that as creatively as you want.”

BCF CEO and LastKnown Founder Dan Wasyluk is excited to have skooJAH’s “Babylon Misfits” on their NFT marketplace.

“We’re proud to welcome SkooJAH as the second artist to release an NFT collection on,” Wasyluk said in a release.” SkooJAH’s Babylon Misfits NFTs bring a whole new set of unique & incredible art pieces to our curated marketplace.”

Skuja is also effusive about his experience working with BCF and LasktKnown on the upcoming collection.

“Working with Blockchain Foundry Inc. was great and educational. They have been so accommodating in regards to what I wanted to create, and so experienced in the NFT space, that their guidance was invaluable.,” Skuja said. “Peter was a great creative leader on this and was instrumental working with me on the overall concept for the collection.

“Together with the team at LastKnown, creating this collection was not only eye-opening but also way easier than I thought it might be to navigate the ins and outs of the NFT world and produce a collection that can grow in the space and become my full-time passion.”

Skuja has been creating visuals for over 25 years. The ex-advertising creative director and art director worked on brands like Nissan/Infiniti, Ikea, Foot Locker, Scotiabank and Absolut. skooJAH’s creations have been recognized with awards from Applied Arts, International Reggae Poster Design Award, The Webbys, Digital Marketing, and more.

The Toronto creative is also giving back to the community through the “Babylon Misfits” collection. skooJAH will be donating 10% of all proceeds, split equally between The 519 and Covenant House Toronto.

“I feel blessed to have been able to create this collection and even more blessed that I can earn some money from it. Because of that, I think it’s only right to give some back to my community,” explained Skuja. “I chose these The 519 and Covenant House Toronto because of what they do in the community.

“Helping those who are pushed aside, forgotten or not wanted, and giving them a safe place to get on their feet and live a life that they deserve. Without hostility, oppression or abuse. This is what the Babylon Misfits stand for.”

While Skuja is looking forward to the upcoming release of “Babylon Misfits” on LastKnown, he’s also excited to continue building the Misfits Universe.

“I want to expand and grow the Babylon Misfits’ good vibes and will be committed 110% in doing that. I have a lot of plans for evolving the concept and the story of Misfits and exploring the possibilities in creating NFT art and being a part of this great community.”

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