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Gain Buy-In For Augmented Reality Training: Importance And 3 Steps To Take

Gain Buy-In For Augmented Reality Training: Importance And 3 Steps To Take

Within the next 10 years, 23 million jobs across the world will use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to boost employee innovation and productivity. 

Is your workforce included in this? If so, how are you planning to gain buy-in from senior leadership to invest in extended reality (XR) technology? 

At Roundtable Learning, we believe in the power of innovative, future learning technologies to transform how employees learn. We partner with organizations to develop futuristic training programs across different modalities, including AR and VR, and support them every step of the way. 

This article will explore why gaining buy-in for augmented reality training is important and 3 ways to gain buy-in for this technology. 

Why Is Gaining Buy-In For Augmented Reality Training Important?

Augmented Reality (AR) is extremely valuable for learners when they’re struggling with a task or procedure while on the job. Known as a “just-in-time” training tool, AR allows learners to quickly access their training materials on their phone or tablet to conveniently resolve their issue. 

In order to integrate AR into training, it’s critical that organizations gain buy-in from senior leadership to reap all the benefits that come with this technology. Gaining buy-in for AR training is important for the following 3 reasons:

  1. It shows that an organization is interested in increasing employee productivity through “just-in-time” training tools. 
  2. It shows that an organization is invested in the scalability of training, as they can scale the training from anywhere and learners can use their own devices to pull up training activities. 

3 Steps To Take To Gain Buy-In For Augmented Reality Training

1. Complete Market Research To Discover Augmented Reality’s Capabilities

One of the first steps you need to take to gain buy-in for AR training is to do market research to see what’s already been done with AR technology for training. This process involves:

  • Researching other use cases across different organizations in relevant industries

Perhaps your organization is interested in implementing an AR training program that helps technicians improve their efficiencies out in the field. By finding a specific use case of AR for technicians as evidence, your organization can make the case that AR allows technicians to conveniently access an AR application on their phone to resolve any issues they may encounter in real-time. This specific example proves to senior leaders that AR is an effective “just-in-time” tool that can increase efficiencies in your workforce. 

By connecting with our team at Roundtable Learning, your organization can talk to our immersive learning experts to learn more about how AR could meet your training needs. Through an initial phone call, our team will talk to you about your goals, learning objectives, budget, and more to determine if AR is the right solution for you. 

2. Schedule An Immersive Learning Demo Or On-Site Visit With An Experienced Organization

By scheduling a demo or on-site visit with an organization that’s experienced in AR training, you can gain a better understanding of how AR could work for you. A demo or on-site visit with an organization that has expertise in AR allows you to experience AR training sessions first-hand and reflect on whether or not a similar experience fits your training needs

AR On-Site VisitTo access an AR demo, it’s likely that your organization will meet via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other virtual communications platform. During a virtual demo, the AR provider will provide you with some background on the technology and specific activity, then share their screen with you as they walk you through the activity. 

If your organization prefers in-person meetings with a potential AR provider, you can book an on-site visit to demo AR technology first-hand either at your organization or at the vendor’s location. During an in-person demo, the AR provider will give you a smartphone or tablet device to complete the activity on. This is a great opportunity to gather a group of key stakeholders and allow them to experience AR’s capabilities for themselves. 

3. Create A Pilot Augmented Reality Experience For A Small Cohort Of Employees

A pilot experience is a great option for organizations who aren’t initially able to commit to a full-scale AR program. An AR pilot experience comes with the following benefits:

  • Low-cost
  • Less commitment
  • Makes an immediate impact on a smaller group of people
  • Ensures your training topic is suitable for AR
  • Allows people to test out AR technology themselves

With a small, focused cohort of employees, your organization can test out AR technology and prove out the ROI without a large commitment. This helps your organization envision how a larger-scale AR activity could fit into your organization’s existing training. 

Are You Prepared To Gain Buy-In For Your Augmented Reality Program?

This article has reviewed the importance of gaining buy-in for AR training and provided 3 steps to take to gain buy-in for AR training. From completing market research to creating a pilot experience, we hope your organization feels more confident moving forward with exploring AR for your organization. 

Looking to talk to an AR technology expert? Reach out to a member of our immersive learning team or book an AR demo today!

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