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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Make Your Football Game More Thrilling With Augmented Reality

Make Your Football Game More Thrilling With Augmented Reality

Sports and games had a close relation, there are thousands of games based on sports. These games are too popular to get real experience.  Have you ever played football games like FIFA & Others? let me answer according to my observation, of course, most people at least once in life play football sports video games. 

Augmented reality is the industry that changes sports scenarios in many ways. The traditional sports techniques are replaced by Augmented Reality techniques. 

Benefits of AR In Sports 

AR is used very widely in sports for different purposes. Here we are sharing the main benefits of AR in sports. 

Engagement & Entertainment

Augmented Reality is very useful for the engagement of customers and their entertainment purpose. Everybody loves to watch football matches from the stadium because this is the game that is most popular in all countries. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the stadium at your home or surrounding you can enjoy it with the help of Augmented Reality. There are more options available to get business opportunities from it like one of the fan engagement activities where you can take selfies with your favorite players.

Sports Training

With the help of Augmented Reality, sports training is done in a good manner. With the help of Augmented Reality, you can create a real environment or simulation-like match. You can plan new strategies and observe previous matches. You can easily find the mistakes that you have made in previous games or you can easily develop new skills according to the simulation.

Sports Broadcasting 

Augmented reality has already reached that level where 3D Broadcasting of the games is already going on. To showcase players in 3D animation and highlight the view of matches is only Augmented Reality that is used for broadcasting purposes. Also, the statistics and analysis shown in the 3D module of the players with data are shown that is also Augmented Reality.

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Augmented Reality Soccer 

Soccer can be one the most favorable games by Augmented Reality because this game is the most popular game in the world. The fanbase and user base are high so maximum customers will reach out to this game.

Already there are a few techniques implemented in a soccer game like 3D virtual modeling, game technique development, and realistic experience to the users. 

3D Sports Marketing

The benefit of Augmented Reality is that it is very much popular for marketing activities. The sports industry dives into the large unpenetrated market of AR. AR empowers sports marketers to bridge the gap between action and experience. Over world, companies are creating and testing new marketing activities based on AR.

Real-Life Examples of AR in Sports 

Augmented Reality is not rocket science for us, it is already used by various companies. Here we are sharing real life examples of the AR in sports

The Future of NFL – Augmented Reality 

The national football league is planning to implement completely Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360 Degree and completely 3D experience.

The NFL is planning to visualize everything in augmented reality so everyone can enjoy the game at their places. You can watch games in real life while you are in your bed. With this feature, the NFL will get more profit and user base. Because watching over TV and watching in front of your eyes both are different. This is the main function of augmented reality in the future.

AR in English Soccer Team Jersey

AR-based experiments are daily done in this industry, soccer games and Augmented Reality have a good relationship with each other. To continue this relation the English Premier team Southampton F.C.  use AR technology on their jersey. 

This jersey is made up for the 2021/2022 session of the league. This team wants to provide more to their fans and they find AR technology-based experience suitable. 

When fans scan the jersey of the team, an augmented image of the player will become visible in their homes. 

Thousands of teams are planning to implement this AR-based technology for their branding and marketing purposes. 

Adidas Marketing Campaign 

Adidas did a marketing campaign with the help of augmented reality in which they promote their shoes with the famous football sports players.

FOX/ ESPN Sports 

AR Based techniques are already in use by ESPN & FOX, the world’s one of the top valuable sports broadcasting companies because they know the needs of the industry. Augmented football matches are broadcast very widely over these platforms. Mainly in broadcasting, they explain players’ profiles and match highlights and explain them in 3d modules.  

Photograph Mirrors 

At various football stadiums, smart camera mirrors are posted. These mirrors are Augmented Reality based. If you want to take a selfie or a group photo with your favorite players or teams. You need to choose players and that screen will give you visuals of the players with your photo.

This is the ultimate use of Augmented Reality for the customer experience. You can save that image on your mobile phone and you can post that image easily over social media handles. With the help of this mirror, you can get a real experience like you meet those players in real life and take a photograph with them. 

Future of Football Games as a Business

The technology of Augmented Reality will be used in Augmented Reality football games, there are Augmented Reality game development companies that have already started working to develop these games.

These games will definitely rock the entire scenario of the football games. Virtual players and stadiums will be developed and augmented with the help of technology. According to our research and analysis, these games will be the most loveable games in the future. 

Features of the Augmented Reality Football Games

There are various technologies available in the market, but right now Augmented Reality-based sports games are very popular. This technology is the future of the gaming industry. It has already started replacing normal games which we have been playing in the past. BR Softech is a leading AR Development company. The legacy and success of BR Softech are not hidden from clients. Their 100% dedication towards the work is the key to success. 

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