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Mojo contact lenses with augmented reality technology and microLED entered the test phase

Mojo contact lenses with augmented reality technology and microLED entered the test phase

Mojo contact lenses with augmented reality technology and microLED entered the test phase

Mojo contact lens from microLED and the user can control it with his eyes. The idea of ​​this product, like smart glasses, is to put useful elements of augmented reality in front of your eyes and perform tasks. Do it daily. Now, a working prototype of the contact lens gives us a better look at the final product.

Drew Perkins, CEO of Mojo Vision, said in a blog post that the company is developing an augmented reality smart contact lens. with full features. In an interview with CNET, he said that this lens can be placed on one eye for an hour. Of course, this company tries to eventually allow users to use two lenses at the same time.

Reporting Arstechnica’s Mojo Vision contact lens uses an Arm M0 processor and a microLED display with 14,000 pixels and a diameter of only 0.02 inches ( 0.5 mm). Perkins has claimed that this display is actually the smallest and most dense display ever made for displaying dynamic content.

According to the CEO of Mojo Vision, the development of the contact lens generally involved focusing on It was the miniaturization of dimensions and electronics. The company designed its energy management system with medical-grade microbatteries and a proprietary power management integrated circuit.

The Mojo lens uses custom-configured magnetometers and accelerometers and gyroscopes for tracking. Perkins says the goal is to make augmented reality visible even as you move your eyes around. Eye movement is very essential; Because these products do not have any movement control like some smart glasses including Ray-Ban Stories. One of the representatives of Mojo Vision has announced that voice control is provided in this lens; But the main method of controlling the user interface is eye movement tracking.

One of the biggest obstacles facing smart glasses is how bulky and weird they look. Some devices, such as Stories and Nreal Air, use glasses-like appearance to deal with this problem. Contact lenses seem to have the ability to be even more discreet than augmented reality headsets or products like Ray-Ban smart glasses; Of course, the current prototype uses special accessories.

  • Mojo Vision, the producer of the world’s first smart contact lens
  • Mojo Vision, the most advanced prototype of augmented reality contact lens Presents itself

A Mojo Vision representative says the piece fits around the neck. This part includes a CPU and GPU and a 5 GHz radio to send and receive data to the lens. According to CNET, these accessories send information to computers that track eye movement data. Perkins noted in his blog that this technology requires custom ASIC design.

The Mojo Vision contact lens in its current state appears to have a major weakness for consumers, and that is that it can be difficult to force the wearer to wear the accessory around the neck. The prototype of this product uses a cap with an integrated antenna for easier connection; However, we expect that this problem will be eliminated in the final product.

There is no exact date for the release of the Mojo smart contact lens. This product could be the first augmented reality contact lens that reaches the hands of ordinary consumers. The company’s short-term goals include attracting potential partners and investors and journalists to test the smart lens. Perkins said in another part of his explanation: We have a trial that will help us modify the Mojo lens to get FDA approval and bring it to market. To achieve this goal, we will conduct several clinical studies to test capabilities and provide feedback on software and applications. All normal users are placed. He has envisioned a world where athletes use smart lenses to perform focused and heavy training.

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