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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Top 7 Augmented Reality Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Top 7 Augmented Reality Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The big buzz around augmented reality trends and its usage has been going on for quite some time now. But what is it all about? Well, in simple words, Augmented reality is an enhanced version of a real-life situation with audio and visual effects.

One of the main purposes of AR App development is to focus on specified features of the physical world and derive a smart and accessible insight of the same to apply to real-world situations. Several industries from e-commerce to healthcare have shifted to the use of AR technology to achieve better success.

Now, to some extent, it is because of the worldwide shift to digitization during and after the pandemic. Starting from tech giants to startups it is being widely used by all. Some reasons that make it an effective choice for most users are:

Now, that we are aware of what AR really is, let’s explore more in detail the latest trends and its use.

1) Future Of Online Shopping Experience with AR :

Shopping and that too remotely is something everyone loves! It lets you choose your favorite dress from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Gone are the days when customers needed to visit stores in person for shopping.

Now the using of augmented reality app, users can try out their clothes through smartphones. Retail and e-commerce sectors have been steadily switching to this new technology trend.

The reason for this is that they are focusing more on customer satisfaction. This technology-driven concept has been a game-changer in increasing revenue and overall customer base. During the pandemic situation too, augmented reality has been the best way to shop maintaining social distancing through contact-less experience.

2) AR & The Use of Facial Recognition:

The use of facial recognition has become common for us, especially when we are using our gadgets like smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc. It has been long enough that facial recognition has left the world of science fiction and invaded our regular space.

This feature is mostly used in the smartphone industry for identity proof and privacy of the user, like a password. AR Technology has not only added better value to face recognition but also improved security concerns.

The use of augmented reality app has quite effectively befitted image tagging in social media and individual face recognition as well.

3) Seamless Driving Experience With Augmented Reality:

A technology that enables users to view their car’s entire spec without looking upon the dash! Seems, surprising, right? Well, it is none other than the integration of augmented reality that has enabled this advancement.

It has been a long since the automotive industry has been trying new ways to make driving one of the most enjoyable experiences. Finally, there is a solution that effectively outnumbers any other alternatives.

The use of AR can even help car users to experience a seamless experience with human-like perception from the vehicle itself. This helps to reduce the cognitive load on drivers when on roads.

Other than following a simple voice command, using AR help the drivers to get dedicated pointers on the exact spot where they need to turn and stop. This not only makes driving easy but also accessible to any new user.

4) Team Collaboration Using Augmented Reality:

The dreadful year that has forced almost every office to close down was 2020. But during this time it was the augmented reality app developers who have changed the entire way of working from the office scenarios. Many first-time users questioned the use of AR working remotely from their homes.

But, other than being a challenge, augmented reality has proved to be a boon for improved team collaboration and productivity. It has helped to change the age-old mindset of working from the office in a 9 to 5 job.

This technology helps to connect any employee across the globe with just a simple click. It has helped to generate better support in the workplace and to improve interpersonal collaborations.

5) Use of AR In E-Learning & Interactive Classroom Experience:

Children are our future and we need to nourish them with utmost care. But since the pandemic year, the way education was imparted has changed completely. It has forced students to study from their homes.

This has not only affected them physically but to some extent mentally as well. Many students have developed symptoms of depression and other mental health issues during this period. Considering all those aspects, 2020 has taught us the importance of digital media and AR app development in the education sector.

It has been identified that human memory can memorize visuals for a way longer period than simple theory. AR has helped teachers to make virtual classes even more interactive and extraordinary at the same time. This helps students of every age to learn faster and to be able to understand the details while giving them a real-life classroom experience.

6) Impact of AR on the Sports World:

Sport is a field that has been using augmented reality for quite some time now. Athletes indeed benefit through the use of virtual reality. But now, even sports lovers can get a real-life experience through AR. Experiencing the real-life game from the stadium itself is a way different experience than from home.

Augmented reality have initiated a better way to make sport lovers take active participation from their comfort zones anywhere around the world. It provides the opportunity to feel the adventure and cheer for your favorite team equal to a real-life experience. AR can also help with sports training.

7) Marketing Strategy And Augmented Reality:

Consumer needs and preferences are changing daily with the onset of new technologies. Marketers also need to keep themselves updated with these latest technologies and changes in customer preferences.

AR integration is an emerging trend that allows consumers to have real-life like experiences when availing certain services simply by a single tap on their mobile screens. AR offers customers to try products before they buy virtually.

Starting from test drives for new cars to fitting rooms, customers can experience it all. Potential customers even can scan the products that are deciding to buy through this AR experience. A marketer needs to consider all such developments when devising the marketing plan, and follow it up with necessary steps.

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On a concluding note, it can be said that the way augmented reality has truly advanced over time has made it a pathway to the future. From healthcare and marketing to e-commerce, every sector has been adopting augmented reality in some form for better success, giving rise to the demand for AR app development.

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