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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Wall Art Augmented Reality (AR) Extends Room Visualization Capabilities, Reducing Returns

Wall Art Augmented Reality (AR) Extends Room Visualization Capabilities, Reducing Returns

Purchasing wall art or decor can be difficult both online and in-store. It can be impossible to determine if an item will fit into one’s house or match the buyer’s current aesthetic. The inability to view the decor within one’s own space leads to an increase in returns. Returns are a lose-lose situation for both consumers and retailers.

The good news is that Tangiblee has figured out a way to show consumers how art work will look in their home – at scale. Tangiblee’s newest AR release for Wall Art allows retail shoppers to see exactly how any artwork will look on any wall – without having to download an app or any additional equipment.

Room View Technology Already Proving Successful

Tangiblee provides Room View technology to major furniture and home decor retailers including Living Spaces, El Dorado Furniture, and more. This current feature allows customers to place products in a virtual space and compare it to other items or silhouettes to help visualize the product. Consumers are also able to view two similar products side by side to determine what style and size work best for them.

Additionally, Room View provides lifestyle content where products can be placed in pre-selected photos of kitchens, living rooms, etc at scale. Room View has proven successful for online furniture and home decor retailers. Coleman Furniture needed to reduce unnecessary waste due to returns and customer-item mismatches. Room visualization addresses both of these issues by increasing buyer confidence.

After implementing Tangiblee, Coleman Furniture saw a 37.4% increase in revenue per visitor and a 20.5% increase in average order value. HipVan, another furniture retailer, has seen a 15% decrease in returns since bringing on Tangiblee. The addition of Wall Art AR further promotes these numbers and equips retailers with the ability to meet their e-Commerce goals.

Wall Art AR Takes Room Visualization to the Next Level

Wall Art AR is a compliment to Room View and its purpose is to elevate the buyer’s shopping experience further with a focus on wall art products. Companies selling home decor have tried to develop their PDP to include additional photos, product dimensions, and photo reviews. However, these solutions don’t address the problem properly. You can read more about these deficiencies here.  

Tangiblee’s room visualization technology allows consumers to compare products on a virtual wall to people, couches, and other household items. It also provides the option to try it in their own space via their camera on a mobile device. Within this feature, the technology calibrates to properly place the wall art on the wall at the correct scale. Consumers will be able to zoom in and out and move the art across the surface to find exactly where they hope to place it in their homes.

This is a luxury that even in-person shopping can’t replace. Not only does this minimize returns by adding product transparency within the consumer’s own home, but increases customer satisfaction by knowing exactly what they are ordering in regards to their space. This technology has been successfully implemented for El Dorado Furniture, Living Spaces, and more. Wall Art AR can help improve the retailer’s bottom lines by reducing costly returns.

Returns Are Costly Both In Money & Loyalty

Preference-based returns account for 60% of all returns. These types of returns include issues regarding the size and style of the product. Wall art is typically a larger product that can be fragile which makes these products costly to return. Retailers’ return processes must be easy and hassle-free for their customers. The return process can greatly affect customer retention; 73% of consumers have reported that they would not shop with a retailer again if they experienced a bad return process.

Not only can returns be costly in regards to customer loyalty, but they can be costly. One way that retailers try to maintain customer satisfaction is offering free returns; however, this can be expensive and time consuming–especially for large items such as wall art. Shipping along can cost upwards of $80 for a 30lb parcel. On the other end, retailers who charge a restocking fee may face customer backlash and ultimately lose loyal customers.

Tangiblee is eager to provide wall art AR for all of its furniture and home decor clients. To learn more about this feature and how it may be beneficial for your business you can schedule a live demo here.

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