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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

What is AR Technology? Industry Based-Applications that works in augmented reality

What is AR Technology? Industry Based-Applications that works in augmented reality

Are you also pacing up with the augmented reality boom all over the world? If not properly, then do not worry; this blog will make you learn about everything you need to know about AR technology.

It is understood that time is changing and so is technology, however, it becomes very difficult to pace up the hype of different technologies in the market. AR is one of them, that stands for Augmented Reality which helps to match the virtual information with that of the real world.

Did this just generate some curiosity in your head? Yes, then below is all the information you need to know in order to clarify them and know the technological innovations.

What is AR Technology?

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the digital world where real things are represented in 3D  with the digital world. 

Augmented Reality can be figured out in various ways. Likewise, With the help of google simulation, Mobile phones & AR gadgets. 

Applications That Works in Augmented Reality 

From education to travel, remote work to social gatherings everywhere AR technology is used. Here we are sharing top applications of Augmented Reality 

1. Medical Training 

Augmented Reality technology is used for medical training purposes. 

2. Simplify Retail Business With AR 

Now, these days retail business owners & customers both are using their mobile devices for price comparison purposes. Apart from this other uses in retail 

3. One of AR applications Repair & Maintenance

Repairing and maintaining complex products and equipment is always difficult. Whether it is a motor vehicle or bigger aircraft. People are using VR headsets to set up and perform experiments on them.

4. Design & Modeling With AR 

When we talk about design & modeling, what are the first things that come to your mind?. most probably fashion designing and models who represent clothes. But not only in fashion designing, all other designs like interior, architectural, urban planning, automobile design, product designing. everywhere AR-based headsets are used for the development of design models. 

Designers are using Augmented Reality technology very widely. 

5. Better Business & Logistics With The Help of Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality changed the traditional way of business & logistics. It simplifies the complex process logistics and makes it easier. By using AR-based glasses you can easily find out the products placed in the warehouses. It also simplifies the problem of product shortening. 

6. Improved Tourism Industry with Augmented Reality  

AR is capable enough to improve the tourism industry. The roaming places like Rome, Paris, London, and New York are quite confusing for travelers. If they are out of the country. They do not know the ways and roads of the cities.

In that time Augmented Reality can be replaced with guides. With the help of AR technology, we can get perfect information on our maps and information about the places, their history, their origin, etc. 

7. Augmented Reality Based Classroom Education

Classroom education is one of the biggest applications of AR Technology.  With the help of AR technology, these changes are improved in education

8. AR in Field Service

Field service is a wide and complicated segment to work, to handle operations and all. AR is one of the technologies that help to make it quick and easy to map. 

9. AR Entertainment Properties 

From the day of its origin Augmented Reality increased customer satisfaction in the entertainment industry. In the form of gaming, virtual traveling, Virtual broadcasting, sports, and media promotion.

10. Used AR Application for Public safety

Now the country’s public safety department is growing day by day. There are a few countries where public safety departments use Augmented reality technology widely. In the field of public protection, emergency services, training & development, etc AR Technology is used. 

Top 10 AR Mobile Applications 

There is various application based on Augmented Reality, these applications are worldwide used for the AR-based experience. 

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As you know AR technology plays a key role in the terms of simplifying human lives, providing new, increasing entertainment, user experience, improving customer engagement with products and other segments.

There are various industries that are simplified with trendy technology is Augmented Reality. 

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