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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

Augmented reality is coming to make our lives better

Augmented reality is coming to make our lives better

Modern Internets users already enjoy dozens of benefits that were hard to imagine only thirty or forty years ago. However, the period before us will bring even more exciting innovations in digital technology.

One of the most intriguing ones is the popularization of augmented reality (AR). The report on the future of augmented and virtual reality, issued by Goldman Sachs predicts that this market has the potential to surpass $100 billion on a global scale by 2025.

Instead of visiting websites or using apps, we’ll be able to simply “invoke” visual facts about our reality. This will be done via smartphones, AR-glasses and headsets. The following lines will tell you a bit more how AR will improve your everyday life.

1. Amplified tourist experience

How many times have you visited a historical site, wondering what it looked like back in the past? In the future – and already in the present – you won’t have to wonder, but you’ll be given a chance to virtually wander through important places or pivotal battles.

For example, tourists visiting Great Britain can already enjoy the benefits of AR. Namely, you can use the England’ Historic Cities app and go back to the times when important historical events took place.

That way, the hologram of William Shakespeare will take you around the Stratford-upon-Avon of his time.

Further, many new ways of choosing and visiting restaurants and hotels are being developed as we speak. That way, restaurant owners will be able to virtually project their menus in front of their restaurants or provide information regarding the wait time for the passing-by tourists.

2. Augmented medical practice

Augmented reality is already used for medical treatments, as well as in diagnosing diseases. For instance, medical students utilize AR to improve their medical practice. That way, they can perform surgeries with the help of information provided to them via AR.

This enables them to obtain more vital data about the patient and the entire procedure on the go. As a result, they can learn faster and increase the efficiency of their studies.

In addition, it’s not only medical students who use AR, but experienced surgeons include this hi-tech option in their work. Here you can see how AR improves surgeon’s experience during a spine surgery.

Apart from that, the innovations in the field of AR can help some patients recover sooner than expected. For example, Felix Reges is a 9-year old boy who suffers from the Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome, due to which he is blind.

Now, a head-on device enables him to augment the objects around him and enhances his visual perception.

Also, when AR is paired with the advancements that Internet of Things brings to healthcare, we can expect a lot of patient-friendly solutions from modern technology in the near future.

3. AR in marketing and sales

Giving customers a chance to try a product and attracting them via a personalized approach are two important features of modern marketing. The introduction of AR in this niche will help businesses increase their sales and provide higher satisfaction for their customers.

For instance, E-commerce is one of the most propulsive fields of modern economy. However, online buyers can’t examine the quality or suitability of a product when they’re shopping online.

This is where AR comes on stage. The Swedish furniture mastodon IKEA has realized that, so now you can download their IKEA Place app and put the furniture you choose in different environments, from your living room to streets.

Similarly, the car industry is working on adapting AR-elements to their needs. It will enable the car buyers of the future to make virtual tours of the cars they’d like to buy, so as to save their time and accelerate their search.

Since telling a story is an important part of marketing, augmented reality will help business owners devise customer-appealing content that will immerse their customers into their stories.

That way, you’ll be able to launch projections/holograms of your brand ambassadors or popular influencers to guide your customers through your brick-and-mortar and online stores Norton Coupons.

4. Safer driving via AR

Contemporary drivers can enjoy various benefits of GPS. However, no matter how improved and updated GPS-maps might be, they still come with different imperfections. As a result, they sometimes misguide drivers and take them to routes they don’t need at that moment.

The guys from Sygic have recognized that problem and decided to use AR to solve it. As you’re driving your car, your smartphone collects data about the road before you, as an input for an AR-preview emitted via your smartphone camera.

In addition to the route you’ve chosen, this app will provide you with the visual information about the parking lots, gas stations and speed limits along the way. Also, when you’re driving at night, the navigation guidelines can be projected on your windshield.

Apart from mere driving, car manufacturers are using AR to come up with other cutting-edge solutions. For instance, the MyCity enterprise has made virtual vehicles within their project of building autonomous vehicles that will be able to communicate with one another.

That way, they’ve saved some money and energy that will be used for other parts of their project. Other car producers should follow suit and make AR a part of their production technology.

As we can see from the examples described in the text, this is only the beginning of augmented reality. It will become an inevitable part of many things we do.

From healthcare and travel to advertising and traffic, AR will bring numerous benefits to humankind. Therefore, we should try to use AR and its innovations in the best possible ways to make our lives easier and more comfortable in years to come.

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