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Pakko De La Torre // Creative Director

How Augmented Reality Tech Will Create a Dramatic Shift for Menswear Collectors

How Augmented Reality Tech Will Create a Dramatic Shift for Menswear Collectors

When it comes to shopping, the options for menswear are continually expanding, but the retail environment may be on the brink of a revolutionary technological shift. 

Tech Menswear Collectors

With new developments every day in the meta-sphere, designers and retailers are plunging deep into the world of Augmented Reality Tech to shift the online market to new possibilities. 

Trying It On

Want to try on luxury items from your couch? From Precision watches to glasses and apparel, collecting vintage menswear pieces is a desire as old as time. But you don’t want to invest in luxury items without trying them on first. 

With Try On Tech, the ability to try your new product without leaving your home is already underway, with many companies jumping towards the potential market.

The world moves fast, and what seemed like sci-fi last year becomes this year’s reality faster than we can keep up. Existing options like Perfect Corps AR Watch allow you to create a virtual hand avatar in your size with which you can test out an endless variety of digital renderings of real-life timepieces that you can buy later with confidence. 

Owning Online

Feel like the future yet? The idea of collecting and ownership are both going digital. 

Since the recent widespread understanding of NFT’s, ownership of an exclusive digital product has become possible. Many retail and clothing companies have already released exclusively digital assets as high-priced collector’s items.

With the backing of Blockchain technology, digital products can now be exclusive to a single registered owner. Whether you plan to thread out your metaverse Avatar or add the item to your online collection, clothing producers like Boohooman have already begun making sales on exclusive collector’s items.

Isn’t This Just a Trend?

Terms like NFT’s and Metaverse may seem like they appeared out of nowhere, but the online shopping market is projected to expand to almost 300 billion in the next few years. 

This industry is exploding so quickly due to the ease and affordability of 3D asset creation. With software platforms, existing products can be easily photographed and rendered without direct knowledge of 3D design and programming.

Certainly, unfamiliar technology trends can feel a little questionable, and it is easy to be sceptical when emerging trends seem to exist almost out of nowhere. Yet, marketing experts believe that this new way of thinking will touch every aspect of our lives, from shopping to music and even change our social interactions.

Final Thoughts

These new developments are just a few examples of the emerging market, but the possibilities are endless for AR. Time is to tell regarding the face of the future of shopping and collecting, but it is almost sure to change dramatically and continue changing at a breakneck speed.

While your watch collection will always have value, the possibility of non-localised ownership expands on the definition of ownership. If embraced, this growing industry could change the nature of possession, collectorship and status forever.

Nothing will ever replace our physical world, but the shift to the online sphere is both exciting and full of potential, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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